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Damage       320-80
Magazine            2
Unlock       Default
Ammunition           40
Reload Time          3.9s
Rate of Fire      212 RPM
Recoil         Low
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic

The Olympia is a shotgun that appears in Call of Duty Black Ops.


The Olympia can be found in the mission "Payback"


The only Primary Weapon that doesn not have attachments, the Olympia is a break-action over-and-under shotgun. Holding only 2 shells, the user will often find that it requires at least both shells to kill an enemy even in effective range, making Sleight of Hand a very effective perk to use with it.

Compared to the SPAS-12, the Olympia is almost completely outclassed. With a larger, more consistent range as well as larger magazine size, ability to hold attachments, and higher rate of fire, the SPAS-12 is better in everything aspect except the Olympia has greater damage at very close range.

Video courtesy of xcalizorz

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