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Damage   50-40
Magazine    100
Unlock      21
Ammunition     300
Reload Time     9.7s
Rate of Fire  535 RPM
Recoil     High
Fire Mode Automatic

The M60 is an American Light Machine Gun that appears in Call of Duty Black Ops.


The M60 is the only Light Machine Gun that has damage drop-off, going from 50 damage at close range to 40 range at maximum range. 

Grip is a very effective attachment to use with the M60 since it has the tendency to kick randomly. 

It has the highest magazine size out of all the LMGs, and weapons, in Call of Duty Black Ops.

Like all LMGs, the M60 greatly limits the player's movement speed.


  • ACOG Scope
  • Infrared Scope
  • Grip
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Reflex Sight
  • Extended Mags (Big Ammo)

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