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Damage    35-25
Magazine       48
Unlock Classified
Ammunition      384
Reload Time     3.85s
Rate of Fire 1250 RPM
Recoil     Low
Fire Mode Automatic

The G11 is an Assault Rifle that appears in Call of Duty Black Ops.


Found in the mission "Numbers, the G11 is found either with a Low Power Scope or no attachments at all.

Because of its virtually non-existant recoil, high magazine size, and high rate of fire, the G11 is a very commonly seen weapon.

Compared to the M16, the only other burst weapon in the game, the G11 is almost superior to the M16 in almost every way. Posessing a higher rate of fire, lower recoil, and larger magazine size, the G11's only con is that it has slightly less damage than the M16, which its high rate of fire makes up for. It's not recommended to use anything other than the ironsights when using the G11 because neither the Low Power Scope or the Sniper Scope have any practical use in any situation.

Its hipsread is very small, making it a deadly close quarters combat weapon as well as a very effective long range weapon.


  • Variable Zoom
  • Low Power Scope

Video courtesy of xcalizorz

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