Veteran Difficulty Video Walkthrough #2 - Call of Duty: Black Ops

About The Guide & It's Contributer: 
I am mclovinGAMON and this is my first guide actually, the first 6 or 7 videos are voiceovered by me and also another friend, Wombat Warlord. The guide was made on the highest difficulty without the intel collectibles. The rest of the guide from the executive order missions, are then from me alone. This is my first crack at making a guide and hope you enjoy, all i want is some views on the videos and a couple of likes, something to keep me motivated to do this as a hobby. Any criticism is welcome as it will help me to improve, so yeah thanks and enjoy :D

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Could someone help i want to insert an image i created in sony vegas for the guide however it seems as though i can't, if anyone could help please comment.

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Upload the image ( works well), click the image icon on the text editing toolbar, and paste the link to the image in there.

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Thanks for the tip beer baron :D

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