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Tier 1 Perks

  • C4 x2  Equips player with two packs of remote-detonated explosives.

  • RPG-7 x2 Equips player with a rocket launcher with two rounds.

  • Special Grenades x3 Gives player either 3 stun grenades or 3 flash grenades. No smoke.

  • Bomb Squad Enemy explosives are marked with icons.

  • Claymore x2  Equips player with two proximity mines.

  • Bandolier Gives player extra reserve ammo.

  • Frag x3 Gives player 3 fragmentation grenades


Tier 2 Perks

  • Juggernaut  Reduces incoming damage by 25%; cancels out Stopping Power.

  • Sleight of Hand  Increases reloading speed.

  • Sonic Boom  Increases explosives damage by 25%.

  • Stopping Power Increases bullet damage by 40%.

  • Double Tap  Increases rate of fire by 33%.

  • UAV Jammer Player becomes undetectable by enemy UAVs.

  • Overkill  Replaces secondary weapon with another primary weapon.


Tier 3 Perks

  • Deep Impact  Extra damage through walls.

  • Extreme Conditioning Doubles sprint time.

  • Steady Aim  Increases hipfiring accuracy.

  • Last Stand Player pulls out a pistol before dying.

  • Martyrdom  Drop a live grenade after death.

  • Iron Lungs Longer breath hold for sniper rifles.

  • Eavesdrop Hear the enemy voice chat.

  • Dead Silence  Reduces sound from footsteps.  

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