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Title Description
Exposed Call in 5 Assault UAVs
Air Mail Call in 5 Care Packages
Smart Mine  
Air to Ground Call in 5 Predator Missiles
Automated Protection  
Makin' It Rain  
Aerial Assault Call in 5 Attack Helicopters
Birds Of A Feather...  
Walkin' The Attack Dog  
Reaping The Rewards  
Careful, He Bites  
Raining Death  
21 Ton Giant  
Assault Master Call in 10 Assault Killstreak Rewards


Title Description
Eye In The Sky Call in 5 Support UAVs
Well Protected  
Scare Package  
Keeping 'Em Down Call in 5 SAM Turrets
Above And Beyond Call in 5 Advanced UAVs
Remote Support  
Lead Curtain  
Bullet Proof Monster  
Santa Claus With A Gun  
Support Master Call in 10 Support Killstreak Rewards

Specialist (Lv20)

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