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Perk 1

Title Description
Extreme Conditioning Pro Sprint x miles using Extreme Conditioning.
Slight Of Hand Pro Get 15 kills using Sleight of Hand.
Blind Eye Pro Destroy x enemy killstreak rewards while using Blind Eye.
Recon Pro Paint 15 enemies using Recon.
Scavenger Pro Resupply x times while using Scavenger.
Parkour Mantle 3 objects while using Extreme Conditioning Pro.
High Noon Get x kills shortly after swapping weapons while using Sleight of Hand Pro.
Restricted Airspace  
Paintball Gun  
Hoarding Ammo Get x kills while using Scavenger Pro.

Perk 2

Title Description
Quickdraw Pro Get x kills within a few seconds of aiming down your sights while using Quickdraw.
Overkill Pro Get x kills with your second primary weapon.
Hardline Pro Get x killstreaks while using Hardline.
Assassin Pro Get x kills while enemy UAV is up and using Assassin.
Blast Shield Pro Survive x explosions using Blast Shield.
Bringing The Boom Get 10 kills with your offhand weapon using Quick Draw Pro.
And One! Get x assists to count as kills using Hardline Pro.
Surprise! Get x kills while enemy CUAV or EMP is active and using Assassin Pro.
Can't Phase Me Get x kills shortly after being flashed or stunned while using Blast Shield Pro.

Perk 3

Title Description
Steady Aim Pro Get x hipfire kills using Steady Aim.
Stalker Pro Get x kills while aiming down the sights and using Stalker.
Sitrep Pro Destroy 5 enemy devices while using SitRep
Marksman Pro Get x kills while holding breath and using Marksman.
Dead Silence Pro Get 5 close range kills using Dead Silence.
Runner's High  
Trip Delayed Trip x enemy explosives and survive while using Stalker Pro.
I Heard That  
CQC Not For Me  

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