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Image Title Description
Unstoppable Longest Killstreak
Sharpshooter Most Headshots
Wingman Most assists
Devestation Highest multikill
The Feared Most kills
MVP Most kills/Fewest deaths
Overkill Most kills/Most headshots
Grim Reaper Most kills/Longest killstreak
Immortal Highest kill/death ratio
Steamroller Most damage dealt
Juggernaut Fewest deaths
Blindfire Most bullet penetration kills
Vengeful Most paybacks
Avenger Most avenger kills
Rescuer  Most rescues
Marksman Most longshots
Upriser Most kills of a higher rank
Revenge Most final stand kills
Executioner Most execution kills
Genocidal Most multikills
Rally Most comebacks
Lifer Longest life
Statuesque Most stationary kills
Lights Out Most tactical insertions prevented
Shell Shocked Most explosions survived
Blinder Most flashbang hits
Stunner Most stun grenade hits
Switchblade Most knife kills
Hard Boiled Most pistol kills
Grenadier Most grenade kills
Fragger Most frag grenade kills
C4 Killer Most C4 kills
Semtex Pro Most semtex kills
Ambusher Most claymore kills
Butcher Most throwing knife kills
CQB Most SMG kills

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Icon Title Description
AR Specialist Most assault rifle kills
Explosivo Most rocket kills
Buckshot Most shotgun kills
7.62mm Most LMG Kills
Sniper Most sniper kills
Smoking Gun Most pistol headshots
SMG Expert Most SMG headshots
AR Expert Most assault rifle headshots
Boomstick Most shotgun headshots
LMG Expert Most LMG headshots
Dead Aim  Most sniper headshots
Survivalist Most equipment kills
Magnifier Most scoped kills
White Hot Most thermal kills
Crowd Control Most riot shield kills
Heavy Earner Most weapon XP earned
Hairtrigger Most ADS kills
Sprayer Most hipfire kills
Alpha Male Most kills of lower rank
Loaner Most kills with enemy weapons
Spy Game Most time watching killcams
Lock & Load Most reloads
Weapon Rack Most weapon swaps
Trigger Happy Most shots fired
Lockdown Most time spent in one place
High Command Highest average altitude
Low Profile Lowest average altitude
Grudge Match Most kills of same player
Arsenal Most weapons used
Undercover Most time near enemies
Evolver Most classes changed

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Icon Title Description
  Bomb Blocker Most Bomb Carrier Kills
  Bomb Threat Most Kills as Bomb Carrier
  Bomb Runner Most Bombs Carried
Pathfinder Most UAVs
Top Gun Most airstrikes
Air Ops Most helicopters
Hired Gun Most assault killstreaks used
Team Player Most support killstreaks used
Nomad Longest distance traveled
Runner Most time spent sprinting
Sneaker Most time spent crouched
Grassy Knoll Most time spent prone
Soloist Most specialist killstreaks earned
Survivor Least damage taken
Unbreakable Most bullets deflected
Flanker Most kills from behind
Hot Potato Most grenades thrown back
Dominator Most points captured
HQ Capturer Most HQs captured
HQ Destroyer Most HQs destroyed
  Flag Capturer Most Flags Captured
Flag Blocker Most flag carrier kills
Confirmation Most kills confirmed
  Denier Most Kills Denied

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