14 - Scorched Earth - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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I would want a future shooter only set on Earth instead of in space or another planet that way I feel a connection with the setting

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People are saying it looks just like Modern Warfare 2?  Guess what?  Modern Warfare 2 looked surprisingly similar to Call of Duty 4.  No one should've thought that MW3 was going to look significantly different than MW2.  I'm not a fan of people adding snarky comments to the live stream because so far I've enjoyed the multiplayer very much.  It seems sooo much more balanced than MW2 and it's alot closer to the feel of Call of Duty 4 (except for the run-and-gunners). 

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I must say Treyarch know how to use this engine far better than IW/Sledgehammer. Black Ops looked damn good but this game manages to do blurry grey damn well

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lol "there is no spoon" O.G quote

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