Veteran Difficulty Walkthrough With Rorke Files - Call of Duty: Ghosts


Welcome everybody to my Call of Duty: Ghosts Veteran Difficulty walkthrough.  In between level cutscenes have been cut out simply to encourage you to buy the game and try it out for yourself.  I would definitely recommend it simply because of the newly introduced Extinction game type alone.  This being Infinity Ward's answer to Treyarchs Zombies gametype, it has you fighting off aliens with up to four buddies, and is something that personally provided me with hours of entertainment.  Anyways, I will have all campaign missions as well as a Rorke Files collectibles video shortly thereafter.  Thanks for watching!

Captured on Xbox 360


Rorke File Locations

1: Ghost Stories

2: Brave New World

3: No Man's Land

4: Struck Down

5: Homecoming

6: Legends Never Die

7: Federation Day

8: Birds Of Prey

9: The Hunted

10: Clockwork

11: Atlas Falls

12: Into The Deep

13: End Of The Line

14: Sin City

15: All Or Nothing

16: Severed Ties

17: Loki

18: The Ghost Killer & Ending Cutscene

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