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Things you should know.

  • You can get out of the starting room by building the generator and using it on the door next to the workbench and  garage door.
  • the Mystery box is at the 1st stop and you will need 750 points to open the door to get to it. 1700 points are required to open the door and use the box once.



items you can build 

Generator : lets you open doors that need power

use it by putting next to door

what you need to build generator (All items found in spwan room) 

  • Fan
  • Mannequin
  • Tail


Zombie shield (takes hits from zombies)

items you need

  • car door (in gas station with random box)
  • cart (found in restaurant) 

Switch to turn on power at the third bus stop.

  • switch
  • zombie hand
  • switchboard


Bus parts

  • ladder  (lets you get on top of the bus)
  • Grill (Kills zombies in front of bus while in motion)
  • Roof (Can be used to get on top of bus while inside or can be placed in Diner (1st stop) to get galvanuckles)

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