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Intel Locations

  1. The first intel is in the bridge of the ship
  2. After deciding Briggs' fate, exit the main computer room and stay on the right wall. Eventually you will find a small staircase leading up to the second intel.
  3. The third intel is on the deck of the deck of the ship, in the last plane along the starboard side.

Mission Details

Menendez, successfully captured during the Yemen assault, is brought on board the USS Barack Obama for immediate interrogation


  • Locate gift in Mason's state room
  • Incapacitate enemy personnel (x20) using Combatant Suppression Knuckles
  • Provide sniper overwatch for SEAL team advance across flight deck
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with sercurity turret
  • Destroy security turret (x3) while disabled
  • Eliminate airborne enemies (x8) before they land
  • Direct CLAW to eliminate enemy personnel (x5)
  • Get to extraction in under 90 seconds
  • Collect intel (x3)
  • 100% survivability rating

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