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Intel Locations

  1. After droping through the skylight of the warehouse, work your way around the upper floor of the warehouse, and the intel is in the room with the stairs leading down.
  2. While chasing Noriega through the streets, if you hug the left wall, after a few minutes you will find the intel in a building with the signage “Casa de Electronica”, near a courtyard with a large red church
  3. After catching up with Noriega, you get a cutscene and follow him through a run down old building. Walk straight instead of following him around the first corner and the intel is on a counter.

Mission Details

Mason and Woods join US Navy Seals in the invasion of Panama, on a mission to capture Manuel Noriega


  • Perform a knife throw at enemy guard post
  • Survive an enemy RPG blast which causes enemy collateral damage
  • Destroy Noriega's private jet
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x10) with truck mounted MG
  • Destroy enemy ZPU (x1)
  • Distract enemy personnel (x8) with Nightingale grenades at the same time
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x15) with IR strobe
  • Eliminate enemy personnel (x8) in the clinic
  • Collect intel (x3)
  • 100% survivability rating

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