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Intel Locations

  1. While rampaging as Menendez, the first intel is in the back right corner of the horse barn you're forced to run through, on the back of a hay cart.
  2. While Assaulting the Mission, you're directed to climb the belltowers and provide cover. The intel is halfway up the ladder in the belltower on the right.
  3. After going through the trap door into the coke lab, the intel is in the back left corner of the first area filled with enemies in a small room directly by the waypoint.

Mission Details

The President of Panama (Manuel Noriega) lends his PDF armed forces to help the CIA capture Menendez at his drug cartel compound in Nicaragua


  • Eliminate PDF enemies (x7) with shotguns in under 10 seconds
  • Eliminate PDF enemies (x8) with truck mounted MG
  • Rendezvous with Josefina in under 140 seconds
  • Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with Molotovs (x12)
  • Crash an enemy truck
  • Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with mortars (x10)
  • Eliminate Cartel enemy personnel with machete (x10)
  • Locate evidence of CIA presence
  • Collect intel (x3)
  • 100% survivability rating 

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