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Intel Locations

  1. After going on a brief horseback ride, you will dismount and meet some allies in a cave. The first intel is in this cave.
  2. Near the front of the base you have to defend from oncoming tanks are a few ammo dumps marked by red flags. Near one of the red flags is the second intel.
  3. After being forced to dismount your horse to retake an ammo cache in a cave, you will be directed to go back to your steed. Near your horse is a cave with the 3rd intel.

Mission Details

Mason re-enlists with the CIA and joins Woods in Afghanistan, supplying weapons to the Mujahideen in exchange for vital intel on Menendez' whereabouts


  • Eliminate enemy personnell (x15) with pulwar sword
  • Destroy enemy helo with a mortar
  • Destroy tank with anti-tank mine
  • Run down enemy personnell (x10) on a horseback
  • Destroy enemy helo with a truck mounted MG
  • Destroy enemy helos (x4) at North Pass
  • Utilize stinger (without aircraft lock-on) to destroy enemy helo
  • Eliminate enemy personnell (x25) using alternate fire mode on stinger
  • Collect intel (x3)
  • 100% survivability rating

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