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Intel Locations

  1. After rappelling down under the highway (you can either Snipe or Rappell at the start, either way you will go down to ground level), the intel is behind a destroyed SUV on the left side (oncoming) of the road.
  2. After the driving sequence, follow the left wall and you will go into a hotel. The intel is on the main reception desk.
  3. Immediately after the previous intel, you will move forward under some signs that say "plaza downtown". Right by this entrance is another sign that says "SHOPS at the plaza". Go in there then up the escalators, and the intel is on the right by a shop called "WES'S FAVORITE T SHIRT"

Mission Details

Marine One is shot down over Los Angeles, and David Mason must escort President Bosworth to safety as US drones under Menendez' control destroy the city


  • 100% impact ration with SAM engagement on highway
  • Perform headshot (x10) sniper kills from the upper freeway
  • Direct quad drones to eliminate enemy personnel (x8)
  • Rescue trapped SSA in damaged vehicle
  • Destroy enemy drone (x30) using SAM on roof
  • Protect G20 cougar at the intersection
  • Destroy drones (x3) with one shot
  • Protect all G20 vehicles
  • Collect intel (x3)
  • 100% survivability rating

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