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Enemy intel can be picked up on any difficulty.

Pyrrhic Victory

  1. As soon as you get control of your character, look to the right near the top of the hill for an overturned Humvee. The first intel is in a crater directly adjacent to the car.
  2. On the second deck of the boat.
  3. While running away from the village, at the second point where you stop to snipe enemies, the intel is at the top of one of the sniper perches on the far right by the ammo crates.


  1. Early in the level, you are directed to take control of a drone and machine gun down enemies. Directly behind the drone controls is a room with the first intel.
  2. After fighting your way into the temple, you will be given active camo and immediately walk into a trap. Before walking up the stairs directly in front of you, there's an office to your left with the second intel.
  3. After saving the scientist from being locked in the crate, fight your way through the ambush, and before using the retinal scan to move forward in the level, at the top of the ramp behind the 2 ceiling turrets is a newly opened room with the intel along the back row of desks.

Old Wounds

  1. After going on a brief horseback ride, you will dismount and meet some allies in a cave. The first intel is in this cave.
  2. Near the front of the base you have to defend from oncoming tanks are a few ammo dumps marked by red flags. Near one of the red flags is the second intel.
  3. After being forced to dismount your horse to retake an ammo cache in a cave, you will be directed to go back to your steed.  Near your horse is a cave with the 3rd intel.

Time and Fate

  1. While rampaging as Menendez, the first intel is in the back right corner of the horse barn you're forced to run through, on the back of a hay cart.
  2. While Assaulting the Mission, you're directed to climb the belltowers and provide cover. The intel is halfway up the ladder in the belltower on the right.
  3. After going through the trap door into the coke lab, the intel is in the back left corner of the first area filled with enemies in a small room directly by the waypoint.

Fallen Angel

  1. The first intel is in the very first room of the mission.
  2. After missing the bus on the flooded street and doing the short quicktime event where you tap X to open the gate, the intel is in a small alley on the right.
  3. After going back out on the flooded street, you will have to avoid the spotlight of a patrolling heli. When you completely avoid the heli, you will go into a broken down building, and the intel is straight ahead in some rubble.


  1. After using the remote control spider, you will have to fight through a computer room with lots of floor to ceiling glass. After clearing the room, the objective marker will direct you to a quicktime event where you operate a computer and search for Karma. The intel is directly outside this computer room.
  2. After the club shootout, you will shoot your way through a shopping mall. The intel is behind the registers of a shop called d’HO on the lower level on the right side of the shopping mall.
  3. While Defalco’s marker is on the screen, you’ll fight your way through a large outdoor area with lots of palm trees and pools. Before taking a long flight of stairs up, the intel is on a kiosk on the right wall.

Suffer With Me

  1. After droping through the skylight of the warehouse, work your way around the upper floor of the warehouse, and the intel is in the room with the stairs leading down.
  2. While chasing Noriega through the streets, if you hug the left wall, after a few minutes you will find the intel in a building with the signage “Casa de Electronica”, near a courtyard with a large red church
  3. After catching up with Noriega, you get a cutscene and follow him through a run down old building. Walk straight instead of following him around the first corner and the intel is on a counter.

Achilles' Veil

  1. When the mission starts, run forward a bit and look for the "Secure" objective marked on your map. The intel is near the active camo.
  2. After deciding the fate of Egghead, follow your teammates until you see a dude shooting at you through a ground floor window. The intel is in that room, behind some boxes.
  3. While fighting along a cliffside, the 3rd intel is on the roof of the second white building. You have to climb a ladder to get to this intel.


  1. The first intel is in the bridge of the ship
  2. After deciding Briggs' fate, exit the main computer room and stay on the right wall. Eventually you will find a small staircase leading up to the second intel.
  3. The third intel is on the deck of the deck of the ship, in the last plane along the starboard side.

Cordis Die

  1. After rappelling down under the highway (you can either Snipe or Rappell at the start, either way you will go down to ground level), the intel is behind a destroyed SUV on the left side (oncoming) of the road.
  2. After the driving sequence, follow the left wall and you will go into a hotel. The intel is on the main reception desk.
  3. Immediately after the previous intel, you will move forward under some signs that say "plaza downtown". Right by this entrance is another sign that says "SHOPS at the plaza". Go in there then up the escalators, and the intel is on the right by a shop called "WES'S FAVORITE T SHIRT"

Judgement Day

  1. From the start of the mission, fight your way forward and up some stairs. Stay on the right side and you will see a building with a bunch of enemies in it with the number 27 on the side. The intel is on the second floor of the building
  2. In the control room filled with lots of very large monitors on the walls, the intel is on a desk on the 3rd row.
  3. The final intel of Black Ops 2 is in a circular room with staircases leading up and down. Go to the lower level and make your way around to find the 33rd intel on a crate.

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