Veteran Difficulty Walkthrough - Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Veteran difficulty video guide for Black Ops 2! This is my sixth Veteran difficulty guide for COD, and my first time recording a veteran difficulty walkthrough on the PC.



  1. Pyrrhic Victory
  2. Celerium

How To Get The Best Ending


Intel Locations

TheDumbMonkey's picture

Eager to see how you approached these Strike Force missions, because I got nothin'.

Humphrees's picture

Same here i did them on easy lol This game is the easiest COD on Veteran

hangtowndamien530's picture

When are you going to post the rest of the videos for the walkthrough? The Strike Force Mission are annoying lol

ZestfulClown's picture

You should totally post your amazon wish list, as I do like most (non-business) books you suggest.

petrifiedparrot's picture

So why a guide on PC instead of Xbox 360?

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