Black Ops 2: Every Ending - Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2


0:00 Best Possible Ending (Save Woods, save Karma, spare Menendez)
5:39 Save Woods, Karma dies, spare Menendez (my favorite ending)
12:10 Worst Ending - Woods Dies, Karma dies, kill Menendez
15:39 Save Woods, Karma dies, kill Menendez

To get the best ending, you have to get the following for the story missions:

  • Pyrrhic Victory - Mason rescues Woods
  • Celerium - Celerium device recovered
  • Old Wounds - Kravchenko thoroughly interrogated - learned about potential mole in CIA
  • Time and Fate - Compound thoroughly searched - learned about potential mole in CIA
  • Fallen Angel - Zhao secret meeting details discovered
    Harper successfully protected
  • Karma - Karma secured, DeFalco dead
  • Suffer With Me - Menendez does not completely succeed in manipulating Woods
  • Achilles' Veil - CIA undercover operative Farid survives
    Strategic Defense Coalition allied with US military - Strike Force complete
  • Obysseus - Admiral Briggs survived & re-activated USS Obama's defenses
    SDC sent hundreds of drones to protect the USS Obama
    The Obama's defenses hold in time for SDC reinforcements arrive - the Obama was saved!
    Karma & the crew of the USS Obama survived Menendez attack!
  • Cordis Die - President Bosworth is saved
  • Judgement Day - Menendez is captured
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For future reference. Could you please stop posting the details of each ending in the videotitle on youtube? I don't want to get spoilerd but when looking through my subscriptions I can't help but read the video titles.

"All Black Ops II endings" would be better (imo) since it doesn't give away any critical details.

That would be pretty great, thank you in advance.

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Switch Woods with Mason for all the descriptors, I was confused for a good while

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so i killed mason, saved karma, and spared menendez, and still got the worst ending :/

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Oh yea, the comment above me is right John, You have to save MASON, not woods. You play as Woods in that scene.

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