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Originally designed for treacherous mining jobs, this is a heavy duty power tool midified into a deadly projectile weapon. It ejects a high velocity self-motorized drill bit which can impale enemies onto any surface.

Hint: Line up your shots carefully and you can take out multiple enemies with a single drill.

Charge: Shoots a hyper-velocity reinforced dril that allows the user to redirect the target to any destination.

Hint: In Charge Shot mode, the drill can be retargeted then sent to a new destination by pressing RT. When the weapon is in charged mode, a lethal melle attack can be executed by ramming into enemies.


Unlock re-arm access: 1400 SP

Upgrade maximum ammo capacity by 4

  • Level 1: 800 SP
  • Level 2: 1000 SP

Unlock charge: 3000 SP

Upgrade Charge Shot capacity by 3

  • Level 1: 1200 SP
  • Level 2: 1600 SP

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