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Act 3 Chapter 1

  • Newsbot - After the first sniper section, it's near the cliff under the balcony.
  • Newsbot - After the 3rd sniper section where you cover Ishi as he hacks the bridge, it's in the next building
  • Newsbot - After getting a message from Trishka where she says "do not attempt to rescue me", it's in the next room. The distance to target meter will be about 78m.

Act 3 Chapter 2

  • Newsbot - After rescuing Trishka, kill the sniper at the top of the stairs, then walk right around the balcony.
  • Newsbot - Immadiately after the previous Newsbot, walk down the stairs and fight through a wave or two or enemies. It will be in the middle of the walkway.
  • Newsbot - On an elevator you have to take. Impossible to miss.

Act 4 Chapter 1

  • Newsbot - After crouch walking through a short passage, it's on your left.
  • Newsbot - After using the rolling globe to destroy the roadblock, it's in a tent to the left of the dropkit
  • Bottle - Shortly after the previous Newsbot, you jump out of a window. Keep going straight and it's on a bed in the last tent.

Act 4 Chapter 2

  • Bottle - In the room with the first dropkit of the chapter
  • Bottle - After Ishi gets eaten by the large plant, you slide under some plants and will eventually see a hot dog cart at the top of some stairs. Look to the left of the top of the stairs.
  • Swarm - To the right of the same large set of stairs.
  • Swarm - At the bottom of all the stairs, go left before walking down the corridor near the dropkit
  • Newsbot - After killing the venus human trap, go stay to the after a short wave of enemies
  • Newsbot - Immadiately to the right of the next dropkit, where you get ambushed by a Banshee
  • Bottle - After the boss battle, you'll walk past another dropkit and towards some stairs. Before going up the stairs, it's at the bottom near a bench.
  • Newsbot - Same area as the Nom Juice, stay to the left and walk up 2 sets of stairs
  • Swarm - In the masoleum, go through the main chamber and before you climb over a small tree root, look to the right

Act 4 Chapter 3

  • Swarm - Stay to the right after the first dropkit
  • Newsbot - After falling through the floor, this newsbot is impossible to miss
  • Bottle - After walking past a dropkit, some electric wires will drop down in front of you. The bottle is straight ahead on the left wall, on a chair.

Act 5 Chapter 1

  • Newsbot - As soon as the chapter starts, this newsbot is immediately in front of you.
  • Newsbot - After protecting Trishka and before getting on the monorail, look to the left, slide under a tree branch and it's in front of you.
  • Swarm - Same area as the previous newsbot, they're directly above a "Hold LT" moment where you look at a sewer grate

Act 5 Chapter 2

  • Newsbot - Next to the first dropkit
  • 2x Bottle - In the room after sliding under the malfunctioning door

Act 5 Chapter 3

  • Bottle - After crawling to the surface, this bottle is on a table by a few ammo boxes
  • Newsbot - Immediately after the previous bottle
  • Newsbot - After killing the miniboss, the newbot is next to the USE switch

Act 6 Chapter 1

  • Newsbot - Impossible to miss as you walk down the stairs
  • Bottle - After sliding down a short pole, its in the back right corner of the room you fall into
  • Newsbot - After killing a miniboss, continue forward and the newsbot is at the bottom of a flight of stairs
  • Bottle - In the same room as the previous newsbot

Act 6 Chapter 2

  • Newsbot - This is the first newsbot you can't get close enough to too kick. After killing a few massive waves of the mutated enemies, you open a door, and should hear it immediately. Follow the path and you will see it in an elevated area.
  • Swarm - After leashing a moving walkway, you should see this swarm in the background of the cutscene. 
  • Bottle - After surviving the sniper section, walk into the middle of the room the General was hiding in. Turn right 90 degrees and you should see it flashing. You cannot drink this bottle, it can only be shot.
  • Bottle - Before using the next elevator, this bottle is up high in the corner of the room nearest the elevator. It can only be shot.

Act 6 Chapter 3

  • Bottle - After using the leash to pull down an electric block from the ceiling, you'll hop over a block, and in that room, there's a small closet with the bottle.

Act 7 Chapter 1

  • Newsbot - Impossible to miss, after a dropkit, before kicking down a glass door.
  • Swarm - Immediately after the previous newsbot
  • 3x Bottle and 1 Newsbot - During the section where you cover Ishi and Trishka from above, there's a small food court. Inside one of the rooms is the first bottle, the room next door has the newsbot and 2nd bottle, and on a table outside is the 3rd bottle.
  • Swarm - AFter crawling through a vent, you will jump down and the swarm is on your left

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