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A heavily modified, high power, semi-automatic sniper rifle. Each round contains a radio-controller guidance device, allowing the user to steer the bullet exactly to its destination.

Hint: When in zoomed mode, you can only fire once a target is acquired. Steer the guided bullet with the right stick.


Unlock re-arm access: 1200 SP

Upgrade Capacity

Upgrade maximum ammo capacity by 5

  • Level 1: 800 SP
  • Level 2: 1000 SP

Unlock Charge 2800 SP

Fires a radio-controller explosive round, allowing the user to take out multiple targets with the blast.

Hint: Hit the target with the guided bullet then steer them to a new destination using left stick. Use right stick to change altitude. Detonate the bullet with RT.

Upgrade Charge

Upgrade Charge Shot capacity by 3

  • Level 1: 1200 SP
  • Level 2: 1600 SP

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