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Entirely custom built, this lethal tool propels two high impact grenades linked by a steel chain. The chain wraps around a target rendering them completely helpless, allowing the user to detonate the explosives at the exact moment they choose.

Hint: After firing a flail, press RT again to detonate. The flail can wrap around objects, enemies and stick to any surface.

Charge: Launches an overheated flail chain that will slice through anything in its way.

Hint: This overheated chain explodes shortly after striking a surface.


Unlock re-arm access 800 SP

Upgrade Capacity

Upgrade maximum capacity by 4

  • Level 1 - 800 SP
  • Level 2 - 1000 SP


Upgrade Charge Shot capacity by 3

  • Level 1 - 1200 SP
  • Level 2 - 1600 SP

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