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Previously used for heavy duty demolition operations, this huge bazooka fires impact-resistant explosive rounds that can bounce off surfaces, allowing the user to reach even the most difficult of targets.

Hint: Hold down RT when firing to bounce the explosive. Release to detonate.

Charge attack: Launches a fusion de-stabilized explosive ball that will detonate repeatedly on every contact with a surface.

Hint: Once released, the ball can be kicked and leashed to move it around and take out multiple targets.


Unlock re-arm access: 1000 SP

Upgrade Capacity

Upgrade maximum ammo capacity by 3

  • Level 1: 800 SP
  • Level 2: 1000 SP



Unlock Charge: 2600 SP

Upgrade Charge capacity by 3

  • Level 1: 1200 SP
  • Level 2: 1600 SP

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