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A custom built quad barreled shotgun with a flip forward reload mechanism. The increased barrel allows for four shots in succession before reloading. At medium range it will send enemies flying, closer up it will literally blow them apart.

Hint: Get really close for massive damage or fire from mid distance for a powerful kickback.

Charge: Fires a vaporizing shockwave at the target, which will burn the flesh off anything in its path. Will even destroy enemies hiding behind cover.


Unlock re-arm access: 900 SP

Upgrade Capacity

Upgrade maximum ammo capacity by 8

  • Level 1: 800 SP
  • Level 2: 1000 SP


Unlock Charge - 3600 SP

Upgrade maximum ammo capacity by 3

  • Level 1: 1200 SP
  • Level 2: 1600 SP

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