Drink Along with Dan and John - Session 3 - Bulletstorm

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Part 4:  Underworld: Evolution was good only because Kate Beckinsale was so hot in that movie. I believe John was thinking of the movie, Ghost Ship. The plot was pretty bad, but the deaths were interesting.

Great job though guys. Another Drink Along under your belts. I look forward to hearing your thoughts during the Crysis 2 DA next. Drinking Game: Take a drink every time you activate a suit power. Your livers will thank you for it lol.

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Awesome guys. Keep up the good work and I'll keep tuning in.SPOILER By the way in the movie "Click" it turns out to all be a dream.SPOILER

kungfuwaffle's picture

best alcohol training simulator ever

galix3's picture

You guys made us wait uhhh

Aquapit's picture

But it was worth the wait

Batman's picture


PS: Num Num Num

FratasticVoyage's picture

Every day on demonoid they put out that day's new howard stern as a torrent download.

Naftul Zvi's picture

Having problems with part 13. Anybody else?

SoFuLL's picture


yeah same for me, part 13 is broken.

edit: works now!

Dan Broadbent's picture

About part 13, I posted this before part 13 finished processing assuming that it would finish before anyone got through parts 1-12.  I guess I was wrong.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Shame on you Dan. How dare you underestimate the dedication (read: stalking) of your viewers.

Slip's picture

He typed in "U R A Dumb Tit" in the computer in part 10.

Darth Vegnagun's picture

i just saw the cobra in the bottle of booze picture. that is one of the gnarliest things i have ever seen.

TheGrinchWhoStoleYou's picture

It might be interesting if you kept a running tally of the number of drinks taken in your videos or post a total number at the end.

Solifluktion's picture

More arguments between you too.

They're by far the best parts...besides the alcoholstories ;)

bourne34's picture

You guys aren't done yet you still need to do a drink along for all the echoes :)

Sharked's picture

Thank you guys for making this drink along. I tried to follow the drinking but it wasn't that easy with a sore throat. You guys made have a sore throat so much less suckier.

P.S. Dues Ex Machina is latin for "God in Machine." Greek play writers (I think) basically used it when they couldn't think of a good ending so they lowered a god-like figure on to the stage on a machine to solve the problems of the play. Finally some use for high school english.

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I'm afraid of spiders too!!!! =)

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I love these drink alongs, but I'd love them more if your video player didn't disagree with my laptop so much. I have random performance issues where the videos don't play back at the proper frame rate, loading issues where the videos decide to stop loading of their own accord (where my internet connection remains constant), and I have the occasional complete crash where half way through a video the entire player just blacks out. I've tested on both Chrome and Firefox and both browsers throw these kinds of errors my way while viewing videos on that video player. Sad times. 

What_grenade....boom's picture

Best drink along so far. Game seems like a definite rental just for skillshot fun.

Snakes/spiders –
Venomous- Injects venom to make you sick
Poisonous – Makes you sick when you eat them
Here ends the science lesson. I am a pedant

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3OH3! came to Mercer University this year for Bear Stock.

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