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One of Brütal Legend's most impressive features is the 107 song soundtrack. Featuring a variety of different genres of metal, songs can be played in the Mouth of Metal, a device in the Deuce which allows you to play whatever songs you like while exploring the world in the Deuce. Songs are unlocked in two ways: during story missions or by unearthing them using the Relic Raiser solo. The ones unlocked by raising them up are called Buried Metal, and are the focus of this page.

Buried Metal can be identified by the dragon statues that represent them. However, these can sometimes be hard to spot, so the developers were kind enough to put Devil Thorns around them, which are spiky red flowers. The Devil Thorns are very distinct and relatively easy to spot.

There are 23 Buried Metal songs scattered throughout the three continents.

You can find a map detailing Buried Metal locations here.

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