Easy Badass Ranks - Borderlands 2 wiki

Step 1: Fast Travel to Three Horns: Divide and buy the weakest weapons available for whatever weapon class you want to rank up

Step 2: Fast Travel to the Caustic Caverns (under Sanctuary) and kill all the Colatile Crystalisks you can find

Step 3: Shoot Blue (the boss of the Safe and Sound quest) BUT DON'T KILL HIM as much as possible. Let Blue kill you when he is close to dead. Lather, rinse, repeat step 3!

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Great strategy John, though I think its worth noting that every time youd die for blue youd lose money and while it may not be a significant amount at lower levels once the player hits about $50,000 they can lose up to $3,000 everytime they die

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I'm pretty sure that Bosses respawn if you leave the game.

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