Borderlands 2 Gameplay - Borderlands 2

Part 1 - Opening Cutscenes, Character Creation & Knuckledragger

Part 2 - Cleaning up the Berg, Best Minion Ever, Murder Boom Boom

Part 3 - Best Minion Ever & Killing Captain Flynt

Part 4 - This Town Ain't Big Enough, Bad Hair Day, Shielded Favors

Part 5 - Symbiosis, Handsome Jack Here

Part 6 - The Road to Sanctuary & Car Combat

Part 7 - Plan B, Claptrap's Secret Stash, Do No Harm, Rock Paper Genocide

Part 8 - Moxxxis: Insert Your Tip, Hunting the Firehawk

Part 9 - Medical Mystery, No Vacancy

Part 10 - Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags, The Name Game (BONERFARTS)

Part 11 - Cult Following: Eternal Flame, False Idols, Lighting the Match, The Enkindling

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Fuck you gimme a T- Shirt.

Oh wait international shipping.

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"people of the battered women shelter please be quiet a man is talking " -30 rock ,tracy Jordan 

" we are 0 and 17 wait damn we suppose to be at the game rite now 0 and 18 " -30 rock , tracy Jordan 

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this game looks really good never been a huge borderlands fan , gotta check it out 

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Who is the player in these videos? Is that you John?

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Questions deserving answers~ Answers deserving actions.

What am I of the populi?, I am but a fraction. Is there Heaven?

Is there Hell? Is that tuna melt that I smell? ~ Come on!

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@phunkybs Itsa me

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Probably my favorite thing about Zero is that one of his lines (that he utters all the bloody time) is from YuGiOh.  When he says "Ha, you activated my trap card!"

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There is a love/ hate feeling from the Annoying Claptrap and his dubstep.

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