Why Gears of War 3 is Dying

Rather than type all this out for you, I decided to make a convenient video instead:

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Normally id complain about you not lumping halo into the competition category, but its have the same problem as Gears where the hardcore are most of whats left. Nice video.

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man, you could  apply what you said to practically all minor multiplayer titles these last few years (i mean minor by new releases or non major releases that tried to be major). 

Brink, Home-front, Lost Planet 2, MAG, AC Brotherhood or Revelations, Dead Space 2 (just a few examples)

i agree with what you say, it's just that you can say this for almost all minor game titles these days, especially if they are released during the winter season. 

nice video

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Some of the points you made seemed spot on.  I'm trying to observe and figure out why some titles are popular than others.  I think MW3/BF3 are popular because they offer a fresh, and significant, feeling of accomplishment.  Whereas, in GeoW3, you unlock skins and minor improvements to barricades and defenses in Horde Mode; and, changing the way you look in the game doesn't change up the way you play at all.

Of course, this point doesn't apply to some other games like Brink.  In the case of Brink, I think its population isn't as vast as other games because it's not as popular among groups of friends.  For example, if I told my friends this game named "X" was good, they may try it, probably like it, and tell other friends about "X."  In addition to that, Modern Warfare and Battlefield are long time franchises, so it's difficult for a new game to enter the mix and do significantly well.

Beyond all that, cool post.  Also cool that you made a video instead of typing it. 

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