Gateway Games: 7 Games to Get Your Girlfriend Addicted

I don't care what people may say, there IS a stereotype that girls only like Wii and DS games, such as Nintendogs, the Petz series or the Karaoke games. Don't get me wrong, I like those games too, but I hardly consider those true "games". I wanted to write a quick blog about other games that men like and that an open minded girl could like as well. I enjoy these games, and if you have a girlfriend, are a girl, or even know a girl (perhaps, your mom?), you should definately check these out.

God of War

Even though it is a bit tricky at times, it is easy and has a clear destination. It is also elaborate and violent. What more could a girl ask for?


This Indie/Art game is fun to play and it has a quiz/puzzle feel to it. Although there were a few parts where I had a tough time advancing, it makes your brain work so you dont feel so lazy playing it for hours.

The Sims

Well, duh. Women are controlling, and in this game you control and customize characters to do whatever you want. 1+1=2 Any questions?


When it comes to this type of shootergame, the way to get a girl hooked is the story. F.E.A.R. has the best storyline I have ever played. I felt like I was watching a fingers just happened to be on WASD. :)

Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2

All I need is a few of my Steam buddies and L4D and right there describes my Friday night! Versus mode is a lot of fun to play if you have more than a few friends. I get a kick out of hiding out as an infected and spitting on survivors, or wrapping my tongue around a survivor just before they put that last gas tank in the generator. ::evil grin::

Grand Theft Auto IV

Girls may say they don't like 'bad boys' but that is a damn lie. Niko Bellic is a 'good boy gone bad' and to top that off he is hot and I'm all over that! GTAIV's 'open world game play is a plus and the MP is a blast to play.

Fallout 3/New Vegas

Although it's a lot of back and forth, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are great games for the female gamer. There are a lot of missions (some harder than others), it has a pretty good story and V.A.T.S. is probably the best invention ever, let alone the best invention for a girl gamer. And Dogmeat is so cute!!

These are all my opinions. Some of you may say "These games suck", but to me, they are pretty good for a female to play. Not all girls can pick up on Call of Duty, Crysis and Dead Space. I have tried many games and some even on their easiest difficulty are too hard for me. And I think I am pretty decent at games. I just trace it back to being a girl. 

If you want to hang out with your girlfriend more, the games listed above are great to start with!

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I'd also recommend Bioshock and Red Dead Redemption for girls

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I can agree with Bioshock. RDD I have never played but have heard good things. :)

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I'd rather play games like Demon's Souls, Uncharted and Dead Space over any of the stereotypical "girl games." I have a Wii and a DS, but they're completely neglected because Nintendo fails to put out anything I want to play (with the exception of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Wii and SMT Strange Journey on the DS).

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My girlfriend loves to play sports games, but she also loves sports so that's probably why.  However, playing sports games has promted her to try other games I mine (at her choosing no less), but she has yet to find one she enjoyed.  

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my wife and I are avid Battlefield: Bad Company 2 players and she loves it. We also enjoy games like Borderlands and Splosion Man :D

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My girlfriend thinks the story in BioShock is fascinating, but she's too big of a pussy to actually play it. She does however enjoy playing LittleBigPlanet, and that's amazing in itself considering she has a handful of stereotypes about gamers.

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 I will have to say I disagree with all those games except The Sims & Braid, I'm a guy so of course I'm a fan of all those games with maybe the sims as the execption as well, I agree with Jenne, the Uncharted series can get a regular girl into them, but the game that can get any girl hooked deep into it is Heavy Rain, now on to the reasons why I disagree, here they are:

1. God of War is too violent and to machist, some girls may find it interesting due to the greek mithology, but I dont think it does appeal girls much.

2. Braid, yes this game can appeal to any girl. (I agree on this one)

3. The Sims, same as with Braid, but I dont consider this a hardcore game.

All of the other games are guy games and too violent, specially GTA IV and it's portrayal of women in general. Well that's my 2 cents. 

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Unless the girl is a gamer, you need to find a really good game to get a non-gamer girl hooked. God of war and the sims fits perfectly as you mensions :P

Still i think shooters is not fun for girls (if they are not gamers).
Games like deathspank or spore is games for both boys'n girls but actually fits good for most of the girls. Its about hacking & slashing, collecting stuff, level up and just get a small addiction for a small amount of time, as they usually can't play more than a hour a day for some reason (haha)

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My mom play alot..... farmville.

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I've been showing my girlfriend a couple of games, and she isn't opposed to them, which is a plus, and she even gives them a go. She's not too bad at Super Meat Boy, if I may show a bit of pride. She even acknowledged that Portal was a really cool concept, but she couldn't watch because she would get motion-sickness.

I believe the reason she was able to cope with those games fairly well is that they have simple controls: SMB is running and jumping, Portal is relatively few buttons and not complicated for quite a while. This may extend to other non-gamers as well, who can't always cope with complicated controls, but I'm not sure. Food for thought, though.

I like the idea of Braid. I'll show her and see what the verdict is. Thanks for the idea.

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my ex loved baldur's gate.

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I think a few of you are missing the point of this blog. You are saying "Oh these arent good girl games" but I am trying to tell you to try them out...because you may be surprised. Also, this list is small compared to the endless possibilities. As the title says, these are "gateway games". 

Thanks for all the comments though, they are great. :) 

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I am a woman gamer and I have my own ps3..I used to play uncharted, god of war, grand theft auto, tomb raider, call of duty... and many other games.. not just easy games that you think :) 

women gamers are the same good like men.. 

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My sister plays CoD:BO non stop. My older sister has a GameFly account. My other older sister loves the L4D series. And all of the older ones have been fans of past PC adventure games such as Myst, Broken Sword, 1992 Alone in the Dark and all that. And then I have 2 friends who play CoD and another who likes Portal.

I think that if a girl has any interest in videos games whatsoever, it could be anything. Just depends on the girl. It seems to be all over the spectrum.

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And despite all of this, on the off chance I talk to a girl (never, lolsocialanxiety) I will NEVER mention video games unless she does.

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Honestly the best "Gateway Games" out there for girls are the most popular ones. My wife for instance, plays or has played World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, The Sims, Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, FEAR, and even got her to try Perfect World International which she actually kind of enjoyed more than I did.

It seems to me "Gateway Games" for girls are uduslly the headliners out there. It could be because of the advertising or the fact that their boyfriends or husbands end up getting them. Of course there are the exceptions.

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I've been trying to get my younger sister to play more games for ages (you know, continue the legacy of gamers in my family).  She likes Fable 2, and last time I checked she was past the White Balverine part.  

It stinks, however, since she still can't get past the second analog stick.  Is there a good game to get her aquainted with that, or do I still have to tell her to just work on it a bit more on her own?  Also, do you think I should let her play Dragon Quest 8 or P3 as her first turn-based RPG?  Both games are pretty complex for beginners in the genre, but that's all I really have aside from Paper Mario 2, but she's not into Nintendo (my other family members are PS3 fanboys; I'm indifferent, though)

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if you got a ps2 try ffX (final fantasy 10) that is a good turn-based RPG or FFXII not turn-based but still is fun

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You failed to mention Assassin`s Creed 2-Brotherhood. I think girls would be attracted by the beatufil locations.

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