Diablo 3 Beta Pierwsze Spojrzenie / First Impression in Polish

Welcome. Please allow me to introduce the Diablo III Beta gameplay. I am playing as a Monk, brand new character in the world of Diablo. The material is from Beta, and it is just a small part of Act 1. This movie (4 parts) is just my opinion about new gameplay elements, design and what Blizzard changed since Diablo 2.

Polish translation:

Witam. Chcialbym Wam przedstawic gameplay z Bety Diablo 3. Gram jako Monk, calkowicie nowa postac w swiecie Diablo. Material pochodzi z Bety i jest to jedynie mala czesc aktu pierwszego. Ten film (4 czesci) to moja opinia na temat nowych elementow rozgrywki, wygladu oraz zmian jakie wprowadzil Blizzard od czasu Diablo 2.


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It's really cool to see new languages here on WikiGameGuides :) Thanks for posting.

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