Cyan games bundle, Steam summer sale

Like you I have found myself in the buying position in this years "Steam Summer Sale". I for one have purchased the CYAN bundle. Let's see what we got for the $8 i spent.

Ok, so here is the breakdown of what was offered,

The line up in the Cyan Complete Pack;

Let's get through the good games first;

MYST: Masterpiece Addition


Riven: The Sequel to MYST

MYST V: The End Of Ages

URU: Complete Chronicles

i wouldn't want to ruin these games for you but they are well scripted puzzle games that Cyan has, since i found them in the 90's, well thought out and very enjoyable games.


Now on to the older games that bugged me




Cosmic Osmo

First of “Spelunx”, as a “MYST” fan I didn’t mind having any explanation of the controls of much of the story, yet this game seemed too child like to no be explained at all. It looked like a game I would have played in grade school had it had instructions. Very poorly laid out, at least to be sold as a bundle for today's audience, and not for me for sure.

Manhole: You start out in a very small part of the screen facing a fire hydrant and a manhole. Again nothing is explained I lost interest very quickly. (I may have given up too early, yet i dont see the need for this game to have been included)

Cosmic Osmo,

To give a review of this game in current slang "WTF".. I don't get this at all. Now had I been taught this game when my Apple II was current tech sure, but I don't think I should have had to pay for this.

As far as the “MYST” titles are concerned it was an ok buy but only by themselves.

Thanks for reading this, and these are my own opinions.



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