What's the deal with 'The Walking Dead'?

When it started in 2010, The Walking Dead blew up, and was immediately hailed as a quintessential cornerstone in the zombie apocalypse genre. At the time, when my zombie-mad cousin and TV-buff friend told me of it, I decided there and then, I'd never watch this show.

But about two weeks ago, I started to watch the first series and finished the second about two days ago. I heard of its deeply rich story and lots of character depth, so naturally, I was anticipating Six Feet Under, except with the bodies waking up. But lo and behold it failed miserably. I'm even more disappointed now after finding it's creator is Frank Darabont - the genius behind The Shawshank Redemption! It just doesn't add up.

Now, in hindsight, I realize that those who were rating the "magnificence" of the story like zombie films, which usually have the storyline of a 1980's pornographic film. It's honestly not worth your time, and the cliffhanger at the end of series two was unimaginative and left me with sighs of anguish rather than excitement (unlike Dexter season six which I'm bricking it for!!) At this point, I would say it's "jumped the shark," but really it passed that point before they even made the pilot. Before the shark got bitten by a "walker" that is.

- Jonathan

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I think the best part of the show is the atmosphere it creates. If a zombie outbreak did occur people would act like the characters in the show. They wouldn't become badass heroes like in the Resident Evil movies. They show how humans are stupid,scared and how they can't grip with modern society collapsing.

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I think the only part of the show that keeps me watching is the world they live in. I've never watched anything like a zombie tv show and it's interesting to see how it progresses. The show itself is terrible. The characters are stupid and unbelievable. The way everyone gets on Rick last episode like he didn't just save all their lives made me cringe. Lori and Carl are constant reminders of the show's problems. I hate the fact that Carl always runs off and Lori always freaks out when he does. I've read a good bit of the comics and they are very good and the story's always fresh unlike in season 2 of the show when nothing happens.

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Carl is the biggest prick in the whole show. When he keeps running off with the gun and nearly gets caught, but never learns his lesson :S Carl made me want to slam my forehead against my desk... Hopefully, in the coming season he'll turn into a fully fledged sociopath like a young Patrick Bateman.

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Oh god here we go again... It's a television show about zombies, something that can't thoroughly be judged by anyone because it's something that doesn't exist. The character tension strictly reflects their situation in the world, which isn't a real one. But aside from some other zombie films or shows, The Walking Dead has great make-up effects, pretty good acting, an involving story, suspense, tension, and all other correctly planted aspects of a horror film. Yes, the characters are stupid, they're supposed to be, that's how it works. Study other horror films before stating something failed miserably.

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The problem with zombie flicks is they all take themselves WAY too seriously! And you lot have further enforced my point =D

It's probably also the reason for Left 4 Dead's popularity - no story, basic characters, infinite zombies and that's the entire mechanic! 

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From what I think, you seem to think that since zombies aren't real, you never can be involved into such a story? And maybe you should go in depth with what moments made you "sigh" about the finale.

Another note to make is that the tv-show is worse then the comics. That doesn't mean the show's bad, the comics are just that good. We haven't yet entered the part that most people love in the series.

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