Everything is horrible nowadays

As we continue our journey on a dying rock, hurtling towards an endless abyss of more nothing, we now have the comfort of the 'little box in the corner' to entertain us. Well, nowadays the television dominates the room, like a divorced, menopausal man, taking control of a prostitute he's paid for in advance. It's now a false sense of security we all love, when really it's a pleasurable way of spoon-feeding your kids warm excrement. Now that there's the solution to the dysfunctional family, it's now left to the TV stations to fill the 42" void, that is your life. But unfortunately, most that gets spewed forcefully into your home is terrible, and like most things, could be spent doing something else. This is the the good, bad, and the downright ugly of television.


Starting out with a show fresh in my mind: Breaking Bad. A show credited for it's original story line of Walter White, an overly-qualified, high-school chemistry teacher that is diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, and must start producing a selling high-quality crystal meth with a former student. I know, pretty outlandish.

The Good:

There really is no point. If you have seen this, you'll know, but if you haven't: go watch it now! Your life quintessentially depends on it!

The Bad:

The way the story fluctuates. If you do as I do, and watch several episodes back-to-back, you'll notice that every episode, a new problem or situation arises. Now, instead of spreading a problem over multiple episodes or 'squishing' it down into half an episode. This gives the show a feeling much like the film '2012', where they'd get so close to death, then narrowly escape; repeat this 30 times. This also causes the beginning and end's of episodes to be quite low-key and mundane, which in retrospect is probably better that 'Lost's' technique, of having a cliff-hanger at the end of every episode.

The Ugly:

It seems to never end! While I burned through the first and second seasons, the third seemed a lot harder to watch. The story has contorted way too much and become annoyingly unrealistic. By Season 3, Episode 4, I thought it had jumped the shark - everything seemed long-drawn out and just stops being interesting. After, it does claw back a bit but towards the end of series 3, I just found myself annoyed and frustrated. This is the pinnacle of all American TV-shows, but still falls into the same trap as every other one - too damn long! They should have definitely wrapped it up by series 2!

In retrospect, I really had to try to find problems, and in fairness it's a brilliant show. If you would like more of these please do comment. Hopefully if I do, do another, I'll pick something a little easier to scrutinise.

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This could be a cool series to start. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of television. Just an idea. Also, I disagree about the series jumping the shark, I think the Season 2 finally was really important for character development. Of course, that's just my opinion. Good Post.

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I second the motion. This would be an awesome series. 

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