WGG Comcast Episode 8: John Has Two Broken Cars


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Community Callback

Xbox "Infinity"

Games: The Movie: Part 2


  • Does this next wave of films stand a chance against the prejudices of Hollywood?
  • Will failure make any support even more hesitant in the future?
  • Does failure mean we will stick with short films, trailers, and promos indefinitely?

The Future of DLC and You

  • How much DLC is too much?
  • What kind of DLC is needed or wanted most?
  • When is the best time to release DLC/ best release schedule?
  • How much should DLC cost/will you pay?
  • What is your take on confusing content licensing and how it might be fixed for the next gen?
Scumbagb3n's picture

Transferable save files are great, but they should have something like the DLC at the start of ME2- (that comic) ?

I like the sound of that "fuck you" ending.

RAM's picture

Here is the crazy conspiracy theory on the ME3 ending I mentioned

FanBoy93's picture

Found this today. Goes perfectly with what you guys were saying poor movie budgets with high expectations.


Solifluktion's picture

You finally got my name right--ish.

@"Did KotOR age well?"

Yes it did. The only thing that bothers me is the low resolution and the resulting 'problems'.

I just played it after my last playthrough of the Mass Effect series and it was just as good as back in the day.


@"Hollywood vs videogame movies"

I think movies for popular game franchises are a bit problematic. Let's take Mass Effect as an example.

First of all there is no kanon for Mass Effect so the filmmakers would have to either bend over backwards to ignore certain decisions or risk 'offending' certain players. Also when the make a life action movie they obviously can't take the voiceactors as real actors which would really annoy me. I'm still hoping for a feature length film made entirely the way the Old Republic Cinematic Trailers were made. But I guess that's too expensive.


@"Which kind of DLC do you prefer?"

I love DLC like Ballad of Gay Tony because they add a ton of new content. I ignore DLC that doesn't really add anything useful (e.g. skins, guns, maps). I kinda like what Bioware is doing with Mass Effect 3 though. Every month there is a new Multiplayer DLC for free. However what they did with Javik was just fucked up. Javik has more dialoque than any other Squadmember expect for maybe Liara while Kaidan/Ashley don't have anything to say. I'm glad that Javik was created so well, but I don't like the fact that we're basically paying extra for content that should have been in the game all along.

So that's my thoughts for now.

RareDaniel46's picture

Great Podcast again and this time with John!

About the DLC subject you touched on i remember when DLC came out for Dirt 3 for the xbox 360 if you didn't own the DLC it is 100% impossible to get in a game but before you could get in  a game straight away which is a shame.

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