WGG Com-cast- What Does Simon Use?

Let's take a look here shall we?



Sony VAIO Z SVZ131190X (their laptops are second to none, even though I'm not a big Playstation fan)

Core i7-3612QM ("Ivy Bridge") quad-core: 2.10GHz / 3.10GHz

8GB DDR3-1600MHz

128GB (64GB x2) SSD in RAID 0

1920x1080 screen res, 13.1 in screen

Backlit keyboard, fingerprint scanner, buttonless trackpad

1.3MP Exmor webcam (important for those Skype podcast calls, also Sony somehow used black magic to get Kinect-like gestures working?!?)

Windows 7 Pro w. Microsoft Signature

13.0" (W) x 0.66" (H) x 8.27" (D), 2.58 lbs (for those that say it doesn't match the MacBook Air, I also ask if the specs above match as well...)

Even though it only has integrated graphics, the Intel HD 4000 chip I talked about on the podcast is no slouch. Here's a video of it playing Skyrim, Diablo 3 and MW3 at reasonable graphics settings and FPS.


For transferring podcast drafts and just files around, I always have a few Sandisk cruzer flash drives around, both 16 and 32 GB varieties. I keep an 8GB SD card around, but the transfer speeds are abysmal.


I also prefer using a mouse on most occasions, having grown up with tower PCs. I use the Arc Touch Mouse, but not just any plain one. Listeners will remember that I like special edition hardware because it depreciates slower. Hence, I hearken back to the land of my ancestors. Oh, I forgot to mention that in that spirit, the laptop is the 15th anniversary edition.


A mic is also somewhat key for a podcast. The laptop mic doesn't cut it, so I use the Logitech Vantage A-0234A. If you search this, you will find it by its more common name: the Rock Band mic.


Finally, the headphones I use are also made by Sony (cause they do make good hardware... but that's about it). The MDR EX-700, to be precise. 


I think that about wraps it up. If you look up all this stuff online, it'll set you back a pretty penny, or several. But, if you recall Dan and John's discussion on 2 Chimps about computer quality and "the best," and so on, I really fall on the side of quality, and especially that nexus of power and mobility I mentioned on some Com-cast a while ago.

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