WGG Com-cast: Reporting Live from RTX- Day 2

The State Capital building when we first arrived.

Closed off cross streets.

Looking in the direction of the camera, several blocks away.

View from the curb, closer to the time of shooting.

The Edge of Reality booth starring Loadout.

The local Austin-based GameRepublik booth.

The friendly guys at the Game.minder booth!

The GLEENZ-tees booth.

A QWOP tournament in progress on the dais.

One of these is not like the other...

The RT Community Legends Panel.

That's it from Austin!

Day 1 was an absolute blast and we're back for more presentations and such today. We started the day off with a live shoot mentioned in yesterday's RT panel. Almost every attendee showed up for a shoot involving 1,500 people and six closed off blocks of downtown Austin, where we filled the streets and at the drop of a hat all had to fall over and play dead. It's apparently a new series, and we can't wait to see what they do with it.

Right now though, we're heading into Rooster Teeth's second panel, back in Main Theater/Canyon. We've gauged pretty quickly that an assured seat means waiting from 60 to 90 minutes beforehand.

10:15: We're in the theater now. The lights are turned way down low compared to yesterday. 

10:30: Precisely on time, they're now showing a blip.tv promo reel.

10:31: Now advertising Flatiron Film Company, behind many of the cinematic game trailer/films we 've talked about before.

10:32: Now advertising Razer and its perfectly customized Xbox 360 controller.

10:33:Gus, Geoff and Joel have taken the stage.

10:34: Matt now showing up. Playing the same season 10 trailer that they showed yesterday.

10:36: Burnie just showed up after a snarky comment by Joel about that. Burnie's responded in kind.

10:37: Now talking about the shoot this morning.

10:38: Joel: "This is like the Iron Man of cons." Talking about the super early shoot following the late night concert.

10:39: Now having a kind of back and forth with the audience about whether to do videos or questions.

10:42: They've decided to roll "Nature Town," something by Chris.

10:43: Some random interplay between a pigeon and a tortoise about racing cancer and a cure for AIDS. Cancer is the hare.

10:44: Now between a squirrel and the same pigeon. Squirrel asking if trees look like Bill Cosby. Finally the squirrel convinces the pigeon to look. It's Bill Cosby in a tree.

10:45: Pigeon asking tortoise if he wants a different shell. Tortoise talking about his friend Harold while he's paranoid about a sloth getting closer to him. Sloth pickpockets him.

10:48: Burnie talking about how he wants more short series, which this is a part of, rather than standalones. Geoff is asleep. Matt says they might release something from this morning.

10:51: Apparently no more past casts, Joel is tired of dressing like Hitler and Chris has moved on.

10:51: Burnie talking about the education aspect of RTX and how to get into the industry.

10:52: Michael is the best example of a community or random video hire.

10:53: How drastically has CGI changed the production time of RvB vs. machinima?

Matt: Slight difference: animation has so much production time and lead time.

Burnie: We wrote the entire season in advance, finished by last October.

10:55: The writing for RvB has been good, why did you bring on another writer?

Burnie: Always a big fan of Eddie's work, I've also wanted to work on other things. Backstory has to really drag you down after 10 years, Eddie is more familiar. Monty is technically a writer because he really has to figure it out and make it work in choreography.

10:57: What has been the high point of Joel and Matt's careers outside of RT?

Joel: They made me wear a neckerchief for six episodes as a pirate waiter.

Matt: It's all terrible. It involves Scooby-Doo, walking right into Sara Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinz Jr.

11:00: Somehow a terrible question has been worded into: Do you love and care for each other?

Tentative yes. 

Gus relating a story of kissing Geoff on CNN that got cut. Then how they cuddled in a hotel bed. Burnie sucked Joel's dick. That's the first half of the spit cup story.

11:03: Can we get RTX 2012 shirts?

Yes there are World Tour shirts.

11:05: What was some of the backlash from drunkgamers.com

Geoff: No one ever saw drunkgamers.com to give us backlash.

Burnie: AH doesn't do reviews, we just enjoy things we like.

11:07: When did you realize you had to switch from doing RvB part time to full time?

Burnie: Later than we should have. We were really doing two full time jobs for a long time.

Just from working at a call center, we hate the sound of a phone ringing.

11:08: Have you ever had a moment where you realized you were getting paid to do this?

Joel: You get paid?

Gus: Really often, it's pretty unbelievable.

11:12: In the future, will you pull community members for any other shorts?

Burnie: We'll continue to have community RTX shorts, and we'll keep getting smarter about it.

11:13: Will you be focusing on a few of the freelancers, or will we learn more about the rest?

Matt: We want to focus on the core characters. (Repeat question from yesterday)

11:14: Zingers flying back and forth now.

11:16: What is the dumbest thing Gavin has ever said?

Joel: That Burnie is good looking and nice.

Burnie: Why pick? Just wait five minutes.

11:17: Member of the audience just gave people custom shirts and drawings.

11:20: Is there anyway to broadcast the podcast out into the exhibit hall?

Burnie: We are streaming it live.

Audience: Wi-fi sucks.

11:21: What is your best memory from university.

Burnie: Joel, Matt, and I all went to UT, making that movie and working at TSTV was the best.

11:24: Are you going to any other machinima projects in the future other than RvB?

Matt: If anything else interesting comes around.

11:25: Now showing episode 6 again.

11:35: No Elijah Wood today.

11:35: How do you guys live with each other without killing each other.

Joel: It feels tingly and we want to kill each other later today.

Geoff: It's alright.

Gus: It's kind of like dealing with siblings.

11:36: Now they are accepting questions from people in chat.

11:37: What does RT plan to expand in?

Gus: My chair when eating pizza.

Burnie: An exclusive line of AH beards.

Joel: Talking to Jack feels like talking to a scrotum. 

Burnie: Joel calls that Friday.

Evidently Jack's girlfriend really likes his beard and won't let him shave.

11:38: What is the best office prank?

Gus: When we had the cat and would hide catnip in various places.

Burnie: Quotation marks in AIM to Gus, and it almost broke him.

11:40: With Church not as the Alpha, does that hinder the progress on killing the Director?

Burnie: Now Epsilon going through memory units, he can elevate himself to the Alpha, won't slow it down.

11:41: When you get gifts from fans, do you keep them?

Matt: We just got a crate of saltwater taffy. 

Geoff: There was booze under the taffy. It's already gone.

11:43: Will you make girl-cuts in the old designs?

Matt: Occasionally we could.

11:45: Now they're ready to show a take of this morning's shoot! A short scene from series called Day 5, Joel is the lead, at 3 AM one day, everyone who is asleep dies, and anyone who falls asleep dies, this is the fifth day, and survivors are trying their damnedest to stay awake in a post-apocalyptic world.

11:48: Camera circling around Joel, people walking, as it makes a complete circle, everyone is revealed to have fallen down.

11:50: One last video to play, and four more questions.

11:51: What is the most fun you've had filming or voicing something?

Burnie: Immersion when we had the car, we spent hours just driving it around afterwards. We express it when we stop and just laugh.

Matt: These RTX shoots.

Gus: When Gus accidentally walked into the Fighting Girls Immersion shoot.

11:52: Are you guys fans of Barenaked Ladies, or is he a fan of RvB?

Burnie: Burnie was a fan, but Ed wrote one day to express his appreciation, and they began collaborating.

11:54: What's with all the cops in this town? 

Gus: I'm not nervous, do you act different?

Burnie: That was really your question?

11:55: Burnie, you're great and everything, but could drunk Burnie be on the podcast?

Burnie: You say that now, no one on the stage was encouraging that at all.

11:57: Question time is over, and they're showing a final video for another series. Burnie just announced Immersion Season 2!!!

11:58: Showing the same action video as yesterday now. That's it for panels. We won't be doing the AH panel or the live podcast.

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11:35: How do you guys live with each other without killing each other.

I didn't realize that those guys lived together. We have more in common with them than I thought.

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