WGG Com-cast: Reporting Live from RTX- Day 1

After a 14 hour trip by car, we are now here and checking out the show floor at the Austin Convention Center.

Ran across this somewhere in Alabama.

Just in the entrance.

Line for registration.

Waiting for the convention hall to open.

The Achievement Hunter Lounge with multiple system linked Xboxes running Halo: Reach.


The main competitive gaming dais, teams playing Grifball and Tekken, among others.

The Immersion Museum Area with NERF shooting range and prop display from the series.

Immersion props table one.

Immersion props table two.

Immersion 3rd person truck exterior.

Immersion 3rd person truck interior.

Immersion 3rd person truck view.

The MEGA64 booth.

The Game Over booth.

Dan Broadbent's Hero Academy display at the Robot Entertainment booth.

The Robot Entertainment booth at large.

The Table Top Gaming banner.

The Table Top Gaming area, tons of various board and card games.

The Rooster Teeth merch booth at the center of the hall.

The Level Up Studios booth.

Grifball Tournament on the dais.

The Penny Arcade booth.

The Main Theater, aka the Canyon, site of all three keynotes we liveblogged.

The 501st Legion booth.

The Halo 4 demo section.

The Twisted Pixel booth.

The Geeks who Drink trivia hall. We were the last ones in the the skin of our teeth, and yet we took second!

The... unfortunate second place prize. First place won signed Xbox 360s.


Into the Freddie Wong panel in the canyon/main theater!

10:35: What did we do before YouTube? Doing a Canadian accent and making short action movies.

10:37: Freddie: "At the dorms in USC, everyone is showing each other their movies."

10:38: Brandon: "We had a problem lighting our explosion, so we pre-lit it, and I went flying back."

10:39: Freddie worked at 20th Century Fox briefly in the licensed games division. Not a whole lot of blockbusters there.

10:40: Then they discovered YouTube which hosted videos for FREE!! Anybody remember Realplayer?

10:41: After they graduated, they decided to make a job of YouTube. 6 months of YouTube. You have to commit fully every day if you want to be competitive.

10:42: Freddie: "At the time, we were just doing direct to DVD movies. Make a quick buck with some b-list actors overseas (dark island and bear).

10:43: Freddie: We were busting ass, and we got paid $250. An Applebee's gift card would have been better. And the first feedback? Our friends on the pirate bay.

10:44: PSA before movies: crew members saying that pirating hurts them. Freddie says its awesome. They can get feedback finally!!

10:45: YouTube gives you instant and constant feedback. At first his subscribe base was all girls??

10:46: What was your plan going in: well we're guys and there are probably other guys that like guns and action and video games.

10:47: So while we were in LA, we were filming and four of the hardest looking guys came out with hand tattoos... We... make.... Youyouyoutube movies...

10:47: This is our neighborhood man, so Brandon says get the rocket launcher prop we're using. They went from the most intimidating guys in the world to the friendliest guys in the world. Moral of the story: guns bring people together.

10:48: What's a long workday for you: all nighter a week. We had to really love what we were doing. We started to get recognized on the street.... mostly dudes. Girls for the boyfriend's Facebook wall.

10:50: Incredulity from everyone else walking down the street.

10:51: We have niche pockets of fans, but saying cewebrities makes it sound like you have a speech impediment.

10:52: We're banned in china, but somehow we have 30,000 views and it's banned... there are three views from North Korea!!! Keywords splinter cell, big guns, and shoot out.

10:53: This is the future of entertainment: we got called by a serious company. We were even 10 minutes early!! This is the big break!

10:54: They said: We are adapting big books to movies. We want you to spend six months and write the guide to the series. So that the people making the movies can understand the references.

10:55: Getting paid nothing to make Wikipedia entries? Hollywood doesn't know what to do with us.

10:56: Showing a graphic that over the decades, the top grossing movies in Hollywood have gone from almost all new properties to entirely sequels and reboots.

10:57: This is our fault because we have torrent and such, so the enterprising middle fell out. Everyone only goes to see the biggest and well known movies.

10:58: Hollywood is completely risk averse, creativity is now in the weird middle. These web series that are coming out. And we are right at the beginning of it.

10:59: Exciting time for consumers too. A buffet of content, and you can pick and support whatever you like.

11:00: Rooster Teeth is the perfect example. We are all here for something we listened to and watched on the Internet. A huge shift in the way entertainment works.

11:01: Freddie is super excited for it. One last story: Freddie's personal experience with RvB. He got a call that said 'hey do you know these chicken... rooster guys. I used to live with them! Have you ever watched it? Do you know a character named Vic? I think they based him off of me!!' Suddenly, everything makes so much more sense.

11:02: That's a wrap! They're going to Q&A now.

11:37: We've moved up a bunch of seats, and we're getting ready for the RT panel.

11:47: We are starting... with an awesome trailer of RvB season 10.

11:48: Arguing over semantics of the first or second annual RTX. Tomorrow at 6:15 in the morning there is a live shoot!

11:49: There are more people here in the room than we're at RTX last year.

11:50: Immediately they're just opening it up to questions.

11:53: Are they going to make any Team Fortress movies with the Source Film Maker? Brunei: It's the world's perfect machinima tool, but it's so complicated.

11:54: What has Wreck it Ralph done to the Break Room series? Burnie: One of the series we're working on, will be out later this year.

11:55: Will there be any more video podcasts? Gus: We've been working on the background tech, it's coming a few weeks after RTX.

11:56: What is the hand on the website?? Burnie: The account on the site that would abuse people who violated rules. They have a thing called the muzzle where a troll's account still exists, but will be invisible.

11:58: A Pedobear cosplayer asked what their favorite Internet meme is. Gus: if you come up and give me a hug you'll find out.

11:59: Will you be doing collab with Freddie W? Burnie: That's why he's here!

12:00: At what point was it from we could make a living to we are making a living? Burnie: When it stopped being fun. Actually, right away!

12:04: Is Achievement Hunter keeping Geoff too busy for the podcast? Geoff: Yep. We have eight employees and they're all idiots. I have to constantly stand behind them.

12:05: The Meta in Season 6, can he survive without AI? Burnie: Yes, wait 30 minutes. Yes, there will be an RvB preview!

12:07: RT has grown so much this year. What is it like? Matt: It's been a pretty nutty year.

12:10: What was the biggest hurdle to growth? Matt: First it was the city requiring an insane amount of bathrooms. Now there aren't enough.

12:11: What happened to Agent Georgia? Burnie: We don't like to talk about it.

12:12: What's the absolute highest high and low you have reached? Gus and Geoff: Having our voices in Halo 3. Matt: The great attendance and support at the Lincoln Center in NY. Joel: When we get to show stuff to fans.

12:14: Who would win: York or Wash? Matt: Let's make the actors fight each other next year. Burnie: What about Jack's beard stranglehold? It's like drowning in a shark with AIDS.

12:16: Who is the voice actor for Theta? Burnie: A professional child actor we hired.

12:16: Is Gavin planning on tethering the moon? Burnie: He went back to the UK because some friends are going to get married.

12:17: With Halo 4, you went back to Halo 3 again, will you use Halo 4 immediately, or stay in 3 awhile? Burnie: We will not immediately transition. We immediately jumped into Halo 2, and we didn't make the best videos. We took months for Halo 3.

12:18: What happened to the company fitness competition? Burnie: You're looking at it right now. Geoff: The company fat competition? Joel: People kept getting sick, and by sick I mean fat.

12:21: With so many more animators, will the flashback style be kind of a trilogy? Burnie: No, the freelancer story arc will be finished in Season 10.

12:23: Matt is pausing questions, we are getting ready to see the upcoming episode.

12:32: They're seeing if we can get Elijah Wood up on the big screen for Skype... He's up on the screen, but there's no audio. And now he's frozen. They're trying again, oh but he's actually here in person!!! Nice twist!!!

12:36: Now floor is open to questions for him. Burnie asks how he heard about RvB. Elijah says that he heard about it in passing, Aaron Morgan got him in touch about voice acting.

12:37: Burnie said he was really excited to be the villain of Season 10.

12:38: Some of the animation team is in the back, cheers to them.

12:39: Burnie says one tradition is making them part of a movie. They've managed to close six blocks of super downtown Austin to do it... somehow.

12:40: Will Rooster Teeth shut down at any point? Burnie: My lifetime or Geoff's lifetime? We have great partners now and great fans.

12:41: After 10 years of RvB, what is your favorite episode? Burnie: This one. What about you? Not so easy is it? Season 10, ep. 8

12:42: How do you be an intern? General humiliation for that question. Geoff: Submit a resume to matt@roosterteeth.com

12:43: Burnie your spit cup situation was disgusting, but Geoff was in the army and there dicks in mouths. Burnie is now explaining to Elijah Wood the story.

12:44: Last question: There have been been 8 freelancers on the board, what about the others? Burnie: For the sake of cohesive story, we will stick to these, and that leaves us open for more stories.

12:45: One last video, and that's a wrap!!

12:55: And the train keeps a'rollin, now it's 343 presenting Halo 4!

1:08: Here we go! Frank O'Connor is here, lots of updates on multiplayer apparently, and some world exclusive revelations like new Forge.

1:09: Certain Affinity is here as well, Max Hoberman is talking about Crimson Alliance, and how he worked at Bungie.

1:10: Mike McCarthy, Kynan Pearson, and Adam Crist are also here, and they'll be demoing some Halo 4 later on.

1:11: Each panelists are being given trivia questions about RvB: pink vs. light red, warthog v. Puma, energy sword v. grav hammer, Blood Gulch v. Coagulation, red v. blue?

1:13: Live demo, never before seen content. Evidently a pre-release build on the screen showing Forge.

1:15: Three different Forge environments available, purely for customization. Several improvements: objects in piles are highlighted so you know exactly what you're deleting or grabbing. Ability to lock objects in place so you don't accidentally jostle them while placing other things. Ability to duplicate objects and repeat, and also objects are magnetic, they can stick to other objects that you want to, great for racing tracks. If lighting looks off, dynamic lighting adjusts all objects and casts accurate shadows in player mode. Artists have completely revamped the look of all Forge objects with the Halo 4 engine. Any player traits like gravity and speed can be independently adjusted on any individual piece or area, not the entire map. You can leap onto a ledge without a man cannon, or jump off a gigantic ledge and be completely fine thanks to player trait zones.

1:25: Now moving on to multiplayer enhancements. All takes place in the UNSC Infinity. Spartan Ops is co-op, six months after campaign story, new weekly episodic content and five missions. War Games is the name of the traditional multiplayer. New options to upgrade beyond cosmetics, armor mods, abilities, weapons.

1:27: New modes like Regicide: new FFA, leader has a tag on their head.

1:29: Infinity Slayer, new team slayer: build up ordnance meter by succeeding, call in powerups and equipment.

1:30: New maps: Haven, Adrift, and Longbow

1:31: Sprint is now default.

1:31: New weapons, Scattershot, Light Rifle, Sticky Detonator, new Shotgun

1:33: Now seeing a HORSE map made on Ravine, done by Jack and Geoff. Usual amount of excessive failures, Jack won the first challenge. Then after a much longer time, Jack one the second one. Now the third and final one. Jack sweeps all three.

1:42: Questions!

1:42: Will Halo 4 stay true to the story line? Frankie: There's a ton of pressure, but we understand it, the fans will decide.

1:43: Will we get different types of weather or time of day settings. No.

1:44: Will Humpday Challenges return, streaming? Frankie: People started to realize that I would always twist the odds in my favor somehow.

1:46: How much book canon will be included? Frankie: The Greg Bear and Karen Traviss novels will certainly be heavily involved.

1:47: Can we drop weapons and lower weapons? Yes.

1:48: Will there be a classic gamertype without all the bells and whistles? We are still making gametypes, but we are working on making clean versions.

1:49: Will there be undo and redo for Forge? No. The logistics made it too hard.

1:50: In game rewards for previous Halo titles? We don't know.

1:51: Rivalry between Halo and CoD audiences, it sounds like you're starting to copy them, what do you feel are the implications? It's not the same thing, much more subtle, just small features, making people more familiar, game more approachable, still doesn't feel like CoD.

1:52: In Ghost of Onyx, the team in is a Micro Dyson sphere, will they be included? No. But we have plans for them later on.

1:54: Dynamic lighting didn't adjust until afterwards, what about with friends? A warning will be given to all players.

1:55: Will you have a multiplayer beta? No. Better off working on other avenues.

1:56: As Cortana enters rampancy, will she be more of a danger to herself or allies? We will explore it.

1:57: Who are the voice actors? Steve Downs, Jen Taylor, biggest amount of new faces and voices in Spartan Ops, many new characters, real story.

1:58: That's that. Now we're going to get some lunch, cause we've been here for 3.5 hours. We'll have more tomorrow.

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This sounds like a great convention. I will do whatever I can next year to help you guys get press passes, and hopefully attend myself. I've never been to Austin, but I've always wanted to go and keep it weird.

It's a 16 hour drive from Denver to Austin (probably 14 hours the way I drive), pretty close to what you had to do from GA. It's been way too long since my last road trip. When they announce next years dates, be sure to let me know.

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