WGG Com-cast Episode 5: Alex and Simon + One


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Blockbuster Marketing



We are ODST:

Deliver Hope:


Take Back Earth:

Operation Kingfish:

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Alpha


  • Why are we seeing these incredibly elaborate productions, especially when mobile gaming is on the rise?
  • Who are these videos being aimed at? Hardcore, casual, somewhere in between?
  • If the latter two categories, are you being hooked and intrigued by these attempts?
  • What should they be treated as? Secondary material or promotional marketing? 

The Rise of Minecraft

  • Is Minecraft the true digital-age successor to Legos, and will it be to this generation of kids what Legos were to prior generations?
  • Is the popularity that Minecraft enjoys due mostly to its total flexibility and simplicity?
  • Is Minecraft the ultimate expression of the sandbox game, building on a storied legacy?
  • Is this rise sustainable, or is it a brief flare of interest?
  • Do you feel lost or resent the total lack of direction or game-driven purpose?
PigheadedBobobo's picture

again, great podcast guys. However Im not sure i agree with Simon saying the 3DS was a failure. Sure it had a rough launch, but between the price drop and Mario it's sales really rocketed. Im sure Nintendo wanted a success on the level of the original DS but it certainly hasnt failed

PigheadedBobobo's picture

i have to dissagree with the person who suggested time based matchmaking, seeing as we bassically have that now. You can never get a kill playing MW3 and still earn expierence and theoreticly if you play long enough max out your level. in my opinion, and that of many fps players, Halo 2 and to a lesser extent 3 had the most skill based matchmaking in true skill. even the best player never got a 50 On that system and even if you did, it took hours of winning and playing your best. if you slipped up even just for one game you could drop in skill rating.
the problem is good matchmaking doesnt get people to play, its the thrill of reward. In skill based matchmaking you have to want to earn that number, while in Call of Duty Average Joe can say just two more games and I get gun x, four more and I can get perk y. The fact is the constant reward system multiplayer games have now keeps players playing longer

Milleniummaster18's picture

The industry controls gaming. Indie developers might be on the rise, yet I don't see them taking over the majority of the gaming market any time soon. Due to this, it was kind of expected for Minecraft to bend their game a little bit in order to fit within corporate game standards (achievements, an ending, and whatnot).

Nevertheless, they aren't yielding the core aspect of the game: a theoretically infinite amount of entertainment, which is good for gaming. This sort of "rebelliousness" with regards to a game's replay value is not convenient to the gaming industry, however, as it obviously doesn't want to lose the sort of income generated by sequels and story expansions. This supports the idea that the tried and tested "old" (by that I mean "antiquated") way of doing business within the gaming corporations is not completely compatible with the intentions of gaming per se (or at least, with its popular intentions).

Big time players in the gaming industry are going to have to adjust their business strategies in order to profit from what the people want in a game, rather than trying to set trends that suit their purposes and don't benefit gaming that much. Else, they're going to get run over when someone else acquires the ability to do the aforementioned.

Of course, I know this is all wishful thinking, reality dictates that such kind of consciousness in regards to what to expect from a game is mostly present among game analysts and a few involved gamers, such as ourselves. Yet, that's something worth delving a little bit into.

RareDaniel46's picture

Thanks im sorry my spelling is not the best so im so sorry!


Great Podcast again guys sorry i havent been around commenting like i have done ive been busy and been away.

Minecraft is a great game never played it on the PC because i dont have the best of PCs but i have it on the xbox 360 played it for about a week and havent touched it again since they havent updated but i most likley will when they do.

Also most of the gamne type movies are great like the assassians creed one which has all of this tings init to carry on from the first AC unlike the MW3 one which has nothing to do with it where SPOILER captian price dies init unlike in the game everyone else dies and he lives.

One last thing have you ever thought about doing abit in the podcast where you quickly go over the games that have came out in the week and weather you will play it or not.

Solifluktion's picture

Great Podcast (as usual).

I find myself looking forward to each new episode the way I only used to look forward to new 2chimps-episodes.

Keep up the good work.

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