WGG Com-cast Episode 4: The PC Conundrum


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Community Callback

Limitless Editions: How Far is Too Far?

  • Where do you draw the line with hyper limited editions?
  • Are you more of a fan for resisting the cheap gimmicks and staying with the pure product?
  • Should DLC exclusive to the limited edition add to the story in any way?
  • Are Limited edition consoles different? Do they hold their value better, and is that a better justification?

The PC Conundrum

  • Given that Windows 8 has so many Xbox services integrated and lower system reqs, are the drastic changes in Windows 8 worth it?
  • Will Windows 7 be the next XP, used far beyond its intended lifespan?
  • Will these new technologies such as Ivy Bridge open up hardcore PC gaming to the masses?

Is Prequel Play Pertinent?

  • Do you need to play earlier releases for all of the sequels we have been seeing lately?
  • How much is the overall story and/or understanding are impacted by a potential lack of prior game play experience?
  • Some series to consider are Assassin's Creed, Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Mass Effect,  The Elder Scrolls, and Crysis
NightShroud's picture

Hey guys, tried to download it via itunes but when I look for new episodes it says episode 4 is available and I try to download it. But then he gives a file of 24 kb and says to download again.

michaelkirschner's picture

Looks like the show is very poppular the bandwidth limit has been exceeded again. I would suggest using archive.org instead for storage

swu's picture

That it has. We're good now, though. The good news, is that it tells us you guys really are getting involved and listening in, so we're really encouraged to keep it going.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Hopefully I'll have time to listen to this later, but have you guys thought about hosting an E3 press conferences impressions podcast? Might be interesting to get your (and possible contributors) takes on the biggest announcements.

swu's picture

@Josh Kowbel
Incidentally, that's something we talk about in this episode. I gave brief overarching predictions, but we decided that we would let Dan and John really take the wheel with this, since they'll be on the ground there.

That being said, if there's significant demand for one, we'll certainly begin working on it.

swu's picture

Also, we went into great depth this week about the Xbox functionality of Windows 8. Here's two articles on the functionality from the just released Release Preview.


RareDaniel46's picture

Hi, Im new to this and trying to get my podcast onto iTunes i was wondering if you guys could let me know how you got your onto itunes it would be a great help!

i sent you an email about it.

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