WGG Com-cast Episode 3: The Few, the Proud, the Marginalized


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Revelations: Assassin’s Creed III

  • Will we see any more spin-offs from this setting?
  • Is this title being rushed to meet the in-gmae deadline?
  • How do you feel about this paradigm shift from cities to forest?
  • Would you be lost if you went straight from AC2 gameplay to AC3?
  • Is there going to be more Desmond and present day story in this one?
  • Would you get rid of Den Defense, Mediterranean Defense, or block stacking?
  • Could Ubisoft pull off episodic AC content?


Hardcore Gamers: The Few, the Proud, the Marginalized?


  • Is time against us in hardcore v. casual gaming?
  • Will the companies cater to the lowest common denominator in our economically troubled times and simply aim to make a cheap box, rather than a powerful console for us?
  • Do we still need traditional gaming conferences, or can Twitter and blog releases cover adequately?
  • Will developers, publishers, and OEMs mark this next-gen transition with a huge paradigm shift?
  • Do you agree or disagree with Simon’s argument?


Better with Kinect?

  • Has the Kinect been a big part of the shift away from hardcore gaming, or a small reason?
  • Were promises kept with all the functionality promised to us?
  • Is the hardcore tie-in “Better with Kinect” initiative actually compelling enough to make you get one?
  • How does it fit in to MSFT’s whole home entertainment push, and how will newer versions help that along?
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This is a good looking post

RGAE QIUT's picture

Another great listen, really enjoying these casts. I am thinking about giving all the next gen consoles a miss and building a beast gaming pc instead. Only thing putting me off are the people telling me i will have to upgrade the graphics card every few months is this true or are they going a bit over the top. Thanks.

kRN's picture

@RGAE QIUT: Not at all. Just invest in a good brand (nVidia or AMD) when you build the rig. I've had my AMD Radeon HD for about a year and a half at this point, with no issues. Driver updates are frequent (once a month or so).

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Just a couple of notes:

We mentioned that we would post the listener story links. Forgot to in the show notes, so here they are:



Also, we are taking a one week break, because John should be back from Hawaii and they should be recording the next 2 Chimps. We are only supposed to be biweekly, but we stepped in to fill the podcast gap and will continue to do so throughout the summer whenever necessary, since Dan and John's schedules are like swiss cheese.

Finally, the comments for these things are starting to remind me of that line from Casablanca: "Round up the usual suspects!" Thanks so much for sticking by us and listening in faithfully as we try and get going with this venture.

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Are you going to add the podcast to the iTunes directory?

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@michaelkirschner From what I can tell, it is already in the iTunes feed.

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Great cast guys. The audio has improved again since last time and you'll be one of my main sources of information in the gaming world. I also completely agree with what's happening to console gamers (which I am). I really hate these "flash games" (still call them that) and the small screen cellphone stuff. Never been into that. I feel like the whole gaming industry is going from quality to quantity :( First TV went bad, then movies and now games (most of them). I'm not jumping to buy the next gen console either. Besides, whenever I buy some new hardware, 1 month later a better version comes out and I wasted my $400. I hate that! Maybe we should use Facebook against them and make a "hardcore gamers" page on Facebook. It has done wonders in the past with other issues ;)

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Wow thankyou for picking my topic i picked i guess! I think they could do another game after AC3 with just prue desmond i think would work really good!

Apart from that keep up the work you are doing 7 Game on ;)

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& another thing i was just playing AC Revealtions are 1 thing that i didnt like this that you had to go around the entire world to collect the flags to do the desmond bits.

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