With almost no super important game releases this summer, inFAMOUS 2 will satisfy your hunger for a little while.  Let me just get this started by saying this is no perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, there are technological issues, frustrating moments, and cut-scenes you cannot skip.  When the game starts it pits you against a menacing enemy called The Beast.  The battle goes on for a little bit and then you think you beat it, But he puts himself back together and nearly kills you.  Its after that moment that you leave on a boat for New Mariais, New Orleans with Agent Kuo and your old pal Zeke.  Its there when you start looking for blast cores to use a mysterious device named the RFI and get new powers to defeat the beast.  Here's where i get into the technical problems.  Many times in this game i have died in ways that make me say "Huh".  Another complaint i have with the game is that some of the sound effects are pretty lame.  But it's still fun, the game play is still the same fun entertaining super hero action that you would expect from an inFAMOUS game.  Now this isn't really a major problem, but inFAMOUS 1 had these cool comic book like cut scenes that just made it feel more like a comic book,  i mean maybe i'm wrong but does anybody else miss those.  When they do have them its recycled from the last game, well there's one at the end. This game is challenging at times, but not to challenging.  Sucker Punch has introduced a new in game mission builder where you design your own missions so the community can play.  There is also tons of side missions you can do.  This is where i end my review.  inFAMOUS 2 has many frustrating moments from technical difficulties and stupid deaths.  But you can forgive it because of the new powers and fun side missions.

Final Score 8.0/10

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