My new gaming/guides setup

Hey WGG,

I just bought a used mic and mixer, so my setup, as of now, is complete.

What I have: 32" Samsung, BlackMagic Intensity Pro, Custom PC (w/ RAID0) and Laptop. 2 Xbox 360s (one not shown), Sony Stereo System, Eurorack Behringer Mixer, MXL 990 Microphone.

My cell phone camera is terribad :/

Let me know what you think! Also, let me know if I should add anything else :D


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Awesome!  I don't really have too much experience with recording.

What kind of software and hardware do you have for your computer?  I've tried out Camtasia in order to record some tutorials for DotA and Starcraft 2, but my videos come out super choppy and I don't know whether its because of my hardware or if its because of my lack of experience in video production.

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Wow... I've always wanted an hd tv above my computer monitor. Not because I record or anything, I'm just really lazy.

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I use FRAPS of XFire for recording (xfire seems to make the game less choppy). Both programs require a decent computer to record. Make sure to record to a hard drive that the game isn't on if you can.

On consoles, I use a BlackMagic Intensity Pro and Adobe Premiere CS5 to edit.


@Jester haha I know what you mean. I watch movies on it all the time :)

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what a waste of money, no offense

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@pfro you be trollin?
Not a waste of money if you use it a lot.

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