Fixing an Xbox

Hey WGG, I'd like to share a hobby of mine: fixing and modding broken xboxes.

I became interested earlier this week when my friend gave me (for free) his old, broken, 2007 xbox. It had a broken fan and a BenQ drive with a broken disc laser. After a while of planning, I started to fix and modify the console.

First off, I ordered the parts. I bought a new BenQ disc drive, torx t8 and t10 screwdrivers, and an LED fan.

Today came the LED fan, and the one-day shipping disc drive will arrive tomorrow (for part 2).

Here are some pictures from today. (Taken on my crappy phone camera)


The Blue LED fan I ordered.

Out with the old... with the new.


The disc drive is coming tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the show :D


Whiplash's picture

That's some dust from the old one...


Looks really interesting. Does the LED have any effects on the Xbox or is that for looks?

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

for looks.

Turned out to be a faulty fan though, and kept getting faster until it overheated the xbox. Im returning it and getting a stock fan :(


The new dvd drive that came today works like a charm, though.

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