Perfect Dark Zero Review

If you have seen Beer Baron's text guide of Perfect Dark Zero then you would have seen that it is a 1st person shooter with the choice of starting weapons which will mainly influence whether you go in guns blazing or you sit back and snipe with a silenced weapon. No doubt the easiest option is to slowly progress steadily with a  silencer. The weapon of choice being the slick P9P for stealthp9p pistol perfect dark zero or the MP5 or M16 clones, both silenced. After the first few missions I found myself favouring assault rifles and pistol, mainly due to the pure amount of ammo that you can collect off of dead enemies.




It is obvious that a lot of time was put into the secondary and even tertiary functions of each gun, the coolest of which is for the falcon pistol where you toss a magazine of ammo into the enemies and bullets fly every where. Several weapons are given a grenade launcher, which is amazing fun to use. Special mentions go to the plasma rifle for its cloak ability an the laptop assault rifle for becoming an automated turret. Each weapon suits an individual style of play, personally I prefer the pistols, P9P for stealth  and the falcon for open fire fights. The obvious effort is commendable for making atleast one weapon (and therefore an FPS) for everyone.

dual magnumsJOY!

The story is engaging with many interesting characters and unexpected moments. Despite being a relatively old game the cut do not have bad graphics but they are obviously dated. The secondary objectives within each mission require more exploration and add lots of replay value. Despite this the thing that keeps me playing is the brilliantly fun nature of the gameplay: precision sniping sections perfectly blended with all out combat and sneaky stealth parts.  The option to choose which weapons and gadgets to do the mission with adds even more variety to the gameplay. They even add small puzzles whenever you use equippement, my favourite being the explosive device "path finder" mini-game. Most of the sections have well balanced difficulties by comparison to the story progression, the only exception being the mansion level where being noticed means five minutes of searching for where those phantom bullets are coming from.

phys gunNot lethal but the secondary fire turns the target on his team mates.


I have sampled the multiplayer and have found it almost empty except for the most hardcore of player. I must admit this is mainly due to the age of the game.Not a Call Of Duty beater but enjoyable when you can find a game. 

My opinion is that the single player experience is solid and I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys FPS games.

Story: 9.5/10

Weapons: 10/10

Multiplayer: 7/10

Overall: 9/10        A very good game that everyone should at least try, and a very good price, only £4 or about $5.20

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