Creeper World - You haven´t played an RTS like that before.

Creeper world is a tower defence indie RTS. Doesn´t sound exciting, I know. But the game has its twist on the concept. You don´t really fight enemies, you´re fighting a blue evil goo called the "creep". 


...evil goo attacks humanity for no reason...blabla....Humanity is like: "you cannot pass" gives a must fight off the goo and advance the last human city from planet to planet...That´s basically it.  

Graphics & sound:

Did you like the graphics of Crysis 2? Well this game has absolutely nothing to do with it ;) It´s a 2D Game, the units are simple static  shapes, the creep looks like poorly programmed water and the sound  effects barely keep up with the graphics. Best thing is the atmospheric sci-fi  music. 


Every mission has the same build order:

1. Build a network of collectors to produce energy
2. Build defensive and offensive weapons to fight the creep, make sure none of your units are cut off from your network.
3. Connect all the "Exit nods" to your network to complete the level.

Manage your energy! If you consume more energy than you produce your weapons fire more slowly or not at all. All your energy and your ammo is sent from your main base to your units.

As you make progress you unlock new weapons (don´t want to spoil anything here). 

Why should I play it?

1. The formula is simple and addictive
2. Great game to kill some time
3. Strategic freedom
4. Map editor and new maps for download
5. Not convinced? Check the free 5 Level Flash Demo: 

I highly recommend this game. Have fun!

Check for details. The full game costs $9.95. It´s worth it :)

Thanks 2 Dan & John.

John Tarr's picture

I played through the tutorial and the first few levels, very cool concept. One of the best tower defense games I've played in a while.

Watching the trailer gave me zero idea what the game was like, but as soon as I started to play it made perfect sense.

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