Team Fortress 2 Uber Update Day 2 - First Impressions

The Uber Update is the latest of the many updates Valve has released for their online-multiplayer game Team Fortress 2. It will be released over the course of this week. The first update came out on Monday and the update will go live on Thursday. This article will be cover the second day of the update: "Timbuk Tuesday".

Lawrence of Australia (Sniper Weapons)

The Bazaar Bargain (Primary)

Sniper Rifle
Each consecutive headshot gives +10 charge per second
A body shot reduces the bonus
A missed shot clears the bonus

The Shahanshah (Melee)

+25% increase in damage when health is less than 50% max
-25% decrease in damage when health is more than 50% max

The new rifle seems overpowered at first glance.  It's effects only apply to the rifle's charge rate so a quick-scope will still to 150 damage.  Plus the fact that a miss supposedly clears the bonus one could theoretically miss on purpose if they got too many body shots and increased the charge time by a significant amount.  The verdict:  if you're style of Sniper is to go for the quick-scopes then you have nothing to lose by using this weapon.

This knife at first seems like a bad idea.  It contradicts the new rifle since the new rifle encourages it's user to get many headshots in a row.  However the only time a Sniper uses his melee weapon is when he's being pressured up close and can't hit that auto-aim headshot.  During those situations this knife can work in a pinch dealing a quick 81 damage when you're injured.  The verdict:  if you're bored of using the Jarate-Bushwacka combo then use this.

One Thousand and One Demonights (Demoman Weapons)

The Splendid Screen (Secondary)

+25% fire damage resistance on wearer
+20% explosive damage resistance on wearer
Can deal charge impact damage at any range
+70% increase in charge damage

The Persian Persuader (Melee)

+100% increase in charge recharge rate
All ammo collected becomes health

Ali Baba’s Wee Booties (Primary)

+25 max health on wearer
+100% turning control while charging

Truth be told, I don't really understand what it means by "can deal charge damage at any range", but what is clear is that this shield forces you to use charge damage as your primary source of damage.  Compared to the Demo's other shield it seems like it going to be a lot harder to get kills as getting charge damage is a lot trickier than hitting someone with a melee weapon.  However it makes the Claidheamh Mor a more viable option due to the extra charge distance.  The verdict:  so far it seems inferior than the Chargin' Targe but may be a fun distraction when run with the other weapons from the set.

The new sword is basically meant to be run with the new shoes and a shield since you won't be able to refill your grenade and sticky bomb ammo with it equipped.  The bonus that this sword gives is excellent.  Demo's should now be able to charge out of spawn and have a full charge ready by the time they hit the battle field.  Demos should also be able to charge at the enemy and survive long enough to charge away if thing's get ugly.  The verdict:  will make a fun distraction from the standard Demoknight setup but still feels inferior.

The shoes are the most original weapon to come from this update so far.  The health bonus is really welcome and makes sense since you're only source of damage is in close range.  When combined with the damage resistance of the new shield, it can makes the Demoman be able to absorb large amount of damage.  The verdict:  the lack of a Grenade Launcher sucks but you'll be running this with the new sword anyways.

The verdict on the set as a whole:  I'll have a lot of fun with these weapons when they come out but when it's time to play seriously I'll be running the Sticky Launcher.

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