Team Fortress 2 Uber Update Day 1 - First Impressions

The Uber Update is the latest of the many updates Valve has released for their online-multiplayer game Team Fortress 2.  It will be released over the course of this week.  The first update came out on Monday and the update will go live on Thursday.  This article will be cover the first day of the update:  "Mobster Monday".

Black Market Business (Heavy Weapons)

Tomislav (Primary)

+75% faster, silent spin-up time
20% slower firing speed

The Family Business (Secondary)

+40% clip size
-15% damage done

The Eviction Notice (Melee)

+50% faster firing speed
-60% damage done

The new minigun looks interesting.  The Natascha showed us that people are willing to trade damage done if the effect is good enough.  A faster spin-up time would definitely help the Heavy deal with ambushes but the decrease in damage will mean you are less likely to pick off enemies who are fleeing.  However the Heavy does enough damage that it shouldn't be much of an issue.  The verdict:  definitely going to try it out.

The new shotgun just sucks in my opinion.  Pretty much anyone playing Heavy seriously will run the Sandvich over the Shotgun.  The Sandvich allows the Heavy to heal himself without a Medic, to heal his Medic or to extinguish allies who are on fire.  An incresed clip size is not the upgrade needed for people to run the Shotgun over the Sandvich.  The best part of it is that the only real incentive to running the Shotgun is to be able to dish out damage instantly but the new minigun fulfills this purpose already.  The verdict:  I'll pass.

The new fists suck just as bad too.  If the Heavy is ever in a situation where he has to rely on his melee attacks he's probably as good as dead or is better off fleeing.  Being able to "fire" faster at the cost of damage isn't a game-breaker for the Heavy.  The verdict:  run the G.R.U. or the Fists of Steel instead.

The Man of Honor (Spy Weapons)

The Enforcer

+20% damage done
0.5 sec increase in time taken to cloak

The Big Earner

+30% cloak on kill
-25 max health on wearer

The Made Man

A gentleman always has a flower handy to drop on an opponent’s grave.

The Enforcer looks like a bad idea at first.  It's essentially forcing people to go aggro Spy which is not how Spy is supposed to be played and if you're in a hidden position then you might as well back stab them instead.  However, up close this revolver can do up to 72 damage which enough to kill most classes in 2-3 shots which can compensate for a failed back stab.  Besides most people in TF2 have become really skilled in predicting the movement of a cloaked Spy so a 0.5 sec delay in cloaking may not make a difference after all.  The verdict:  I'll try it out but I'm not expecting anything big from it.

The new knife doesn't impress me.  At 100 health you can be killed in one shot by a Scout, Soldier, and Demo making you extremely fragile.  The 30% extra cloak upon kill helps but ideally after you kill someone there shouldn't be anyone left for you to hide from.  If someone does end up catching you in the act of a back stab it's usually better to just fight (Enforcer anyone?) than to cloak (like I said people are really good at tracking cloaked Spies).  The verdict:  I'll try it but I'm expecting even less from it than I am from the Enforcer.

Okay you got me Valve, I'm very curious as to what the Made Man does.  However it may just end up being a cosmetic item with no purpose.  EDIT:  It seems it will just be a misc. slot for the Spy.

Everything Else

With this update returns Valve's day by day updates where they reveal a portion of the update each day.  This is much better than just releasing everything at once since it makes the update feel more like an event.  A new Payload map had been released but it's hard to make predictions of maps from just a screenshot and a brief description.  Valve has also announced this update will feature Meet the Medic, yay!

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