The State of the World

Being a person who naturally follows what is going on in the world, I am greatly surprised to see how many people in the world are revolting against corrupt governments that have oppressed them for years. Libya, Egypt, as well as Bahrain, not all three countries are in the spotlight, but the citizens of each have taken action against what they feel as something to be fought for their natural rights. This movement of revolutions around the world have been for me something that has been interesting to observe these changes take place. Having the kind of brain that absorbs Historical facts like water, I do quite well in all of my history classes. This being I tend to see parallels to events that happened in history either in recent times or past events. My teachers always point out the fact that history repeats itself and I for one absolutely agree. Anytime some people are taken advantage of or oppressed by an outside source or from within their own country there is always discontent within the people. As many saw in Egypt, their citizens have grown tired of their President for 32 years and decided to stand up for their rights and fight back. The parallels to our revolution against England who was taking away our freedoms that we enjoyed for so long in the colonies because of this a revolution began and look where we are today. 

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This is a political argument, which can lead to more arguments...

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I'm just trying to point out the way that History tends to repeat itself. This post almost favors no actual side just comparing events in the world. ie "It's only gay if you make it"

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This is true, HOWEVER, America isn't in the best place now. Why? because we did not follow the precedents left by our founding fathers.

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I don't really understand why this is on a video game website

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Its a blog thing and my video game habbits have been surrounded by Counter Strike Source. I am using these blogs to help improve my writing really.

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